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    I mean I think it was pretty obvious that he was only showing her a vision of Nyalotha or are we to believe that it just so happened to be right under Suramar. That fits with Wrathion's comment that Nyalotha is more of a vision and no longer a physical place. Heck, N'zoth spoke about rebuilding the Black Empire and restoring it to its former glory, implying that it no longer exists.
    Nevermind that it wasn't even Suramar to begin with. Suramar was already under a bubble when the sundering happened, that's how they protected themselves since then until Legion. It was Zin'azshari that sunk during the Warbringer episode. Which is at least a semi-important line to draw between the two, since they are a good distance apart from eachother, as long as we're talking about the location. But I agree with you for the most part. It was pretty obvious imo that N'zoth showed her a vision of the Black Empire not the real deal in a physical "right there, under our noses" sense. People forget that N'zoth was chained then and what he showed Azshara depicted him free, in his prime, able to reach out for her. It wasn't him lighting up the sea floor, it was just exactly what you said. A vision. A vision of what used to be and what N'zoth yearns to rebuild, nothing more.

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    Good to see Fearbreaker finally appears in the game. Better late than never, I suppose.

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    If I reincarnate, I wanna become the girl/guy that creates names for WoW. Ny’alotha, lol. Why the ‘ AGAIN? All this non sense names with ‘ make me mad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldgeezer View Post
    See, a possibility would be to run through it once, and have the best time ever doing so, and then have the option to skip it on your alts - which may number less than 20 - like the intro scenarios for the recent expansions.
    Ya, I would like to seem them implement this more often. Even if I have to do it twice to be able to skip, it would be a god send lol.

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    Man magni is such a lame ass character. Gotta be one of the worst in this universe

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    Assuming this is a "standard" reputation, it will be my 100th to exalted.

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    Wait so are they making Magni great again or turning Anduin into a not-pussy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by riptal View Post
    Damn Blizz! Stop releasing long and compelling chain quests! WTF are you doing? Dont you know that a small tiny portion of your player base have over 20 alts and absolutly have to do it with all of them?

    Please give us just brief, dull and completly bland quests!
    Their prios sucks

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