Hello, I’ve recently returned to WoW and have been casually going about my business. Seems I’ve hit a wall on content as a casual player and am interested in finding a guild and possibly returning to raiding or mythic+. My mage is currently 410 equipped item level which I realize is pretty low but since benthic and Lfr have been my options for content it’s where I’m at. My HoA is at 64, and I haven’t ran any mythic+ so I’m lacking a decent second minor slot. Despite being casual I have attempted my best to pick the best azerite traits available to me.

Honestly not sure what I’m expecting. I know it’s a tricky transition from casual to raider, and I know from everything I’ve read there really aren’t too many guilds focusing on normal or heroic raiding due to lack of reward. And I certainly don’t fit in to a mythic guild in my current state.

Only other info I can think to put is that I’m an experienced raider, raiding at a high level in TBC (4/6 SWP), WotLK (Most HC Content through ICC), and Cata (6/7 HFL). Been very casual off and on player since the end of cata but have some heroic experience through WOD and Legion.

If there’s any interest feel free to message me on Bnet Meredi#1968.