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    Yeah, Frost is stupid easy and effective in everything else too like questing, soloing, and PVP on top of PVE.
    Sorry but, arcane is way easier than those 2 xD

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    yestarday on 420 ilvl range on +8 Mythic , a fire mage does really really decent damage and seems funny to play.

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    Fire mage is the most fun for me. Has a lot of instant casts, provide crit for allies (with the right azerite traits) and having to react to my own critical hits makes it engaging

    Frost is okay, but im not into it that much

    Arcane seems boring as completing a checklist
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    Could you someone help me to set-up a talent tree for mythic + ? (frost /fire spec)
    I'm starting today with 5+ and i need only to decide fire or frost

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