<Lux> is a guild formed in early BFA with members who have been playing for 8+ years. Our goal is to provide a guild for players to experience endgame PVE content in a relaxed environment. Most of us have full time jobs and kids so we are committed to experiencing raid content at no more than two nights per week.

We have two raid groups that run twice a week, with different levels of intensity and expectations, but with equal emphasis on friendliness and non-elitism. We also have players forming M+ groups nearly every day, as well as a number of active non-raiders who just dig the atmosphere.

**Raid Days**

**Brute Force and Ignorance (BFI)**

4/8M, 8/8H AOTC, 8/8N Thursday/Friday — 7:30pm to 10:30pm Eastern


8/8H , 8/8N Tuesday/Thursday — 7:30pm to 10:30pm Eastern

**Currently recruiting for H Eternal Palace (CCC)**

CCC is currently recruiting Healers and potentially a Raid leader. CCC's goal is AOTC and 1-3 Mythic bosses each tier at a relaxed place, in a chill raid environment with friendly people. If you are not a healer main, or are even new to healing and are willing to learn and grow with us feel free to apply anyways all applications will be considered.

For CCC: Please contact Savanti#1337 on discord, Bluefox#2548 on Bnet/Blue#6370 on discord, or Konnan#1395 on Bnet/Discord for more information.

- <Lux>