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    Little girl kicking big bodybuilders ass because of girlpower.

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    A few more to add:

    - People who never had any fighting experience suddenly turn into commandos when the plot demands it. Somehow they already know how to use guns and mow everyone down against enemies who were obviously trained to use guns in the first place.

    - Characters who take severe damage to the point that realistically they shouldn't even be able to move or even die, yet they just put their hand on their wounds and continue walking (and sometimes even fighting) anyway.

    - Police officers never believing the people who run to them asking for help when they are getting chased. This often leads to the killer taking care of the officer before continueing to chase his victim. When I run to a pollice officer yelling that someone is trying to kill me, they sure as hell better pull out there gun and place me in safety.

    - EXPLOSIONS! (yes looking at you Michael Bay)

    - The main antagonist having some form of illness (PTSD and such) that is an integral part of the movie. Its to blatant in horror movies and video games, so fucking sick of it. It kinda worked in the movie ''Lucy'' which I recently watched because of the twist, but so many other movies pull it off horribly.

    - Zombies in general are incredibly cliché. Also jumpscares.

    - The really cool antagonist has this geeky sidekick that solely exists for the laughs.

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    The smart guy is omniscient.
    If there is a character that wears glasses, he is an expert in every conceivable field of knowledge imaginable because the dumbass writers dont understand that there are different fields of expertise.
    Bonus points if they use unnecessarily complicated and inefficient jargon in their regular speech

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    "You are the chosen one"

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    Having the 'tism means you have superpowers! sUpErPoWeRs! WhOoOoOoOoO! Laughed my fucking ass off at Predators wanting to inject themselves with the Autisms.
    Teeny tiny (wo)manlets having no problem using bows almost as big as they are.
    And of course: adults are completely incompetent! Only a scrappy pack of kids and tweens can save the day!

    In the land of intersectionality, the white men in a dress are king.

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    Turning a hot chick with glasses, overalls, and a ponytail into a hot chick without glasses, overalls, and a ponytail. It's like magic!

    Don't go chasing after that hot guy or girl! True love was right there in front of you the entire time! Bang your best friend!

    The hero will get his ass kicked by the villain for 10 minutes until the villain says something that gives the hero a second wind and the win.

    Repeatedly claiming you're not going to do a thing, only to relent and do the thing.

    "You need to come take a look at this."
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    - Portraying Autism as either a superpower, or a villain power. Both will inevitably lead to idiotic ideas about what Autism is, and downright hostility (seen a couple times in this thread) towards it. Is it believed to have served an evolutionary function such as with ADHD? Yes, but it's not the real life equivalent to X-men with homo sapiens and mutants. So stop trying to score woke points on it.

    - Using Belgian Malinois anytime there's need for a dog to behave aggressively. Used to be (and still is to some extent) Rottweilers. For example, seeing a clearly purebred, high standard Rottweiler chained in the backyard of a slum quarter in Africa. Ain't happenin'. To some it's weapons or cars being used in weird, unrealistic ways. To me it's dogs.
    Really loved what they did in Rambo (2008) in Burma. Burma has no dog breeds as such, and so they weren't using German Shepherds, Malinois or Rottweilers. They were using the small type of mutt that you'll find in that country.

    - Adult themes but a PG13 rating. Screw the haters, Hellboy 2019 might not have been a very solid movie overall, but at least it didn't try to be kiddy friendly.
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    • Time Travel.
    • Prophecies.
    • Last moment saves / the triumphant return.
    • The troubled / reluctant hero.
    • The plot ultimately turning out to be all about the protagonist, even when it didn't begin that way.
    • Logic and intelligence being thrown out the window for the sake of plot.
    • Objects or characters that would have solved a major problem nonsensically disappearing until the plot needs them.
    • Random people dying instantly while anyone important dies slowly enough for dramatic last words.
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    Plots that only work because the characters, for no reason, avoid sharing vital and relevant information with each other.

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    Sex just because Sex.

    I get it. It sells. If I watch a movie or series, I'm interested in the story and not the random moment the characters begin to suck each others faces, ect. It rarely has relevance to anything. Its there just to show the male is alpha male and female character is female equivalent. Its tiresome. I'm not there to watch porn.
    If I might point out one series that did fucking right, its game of thrones. At least as far as I can remember.
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    There are sooo many..

    - "Only kids can save the day" & "All adults are braindead retards"
    - Every gentle guy has to be the punching bag for everyone and the costant butt-end of jokes.
    - You can only be either a pet lover that loses all mental faculties in the presence of animals or you have to be a heartless monster who mistreats them whenever possible.
    - Every intelligent person is either a pretender, has autism or is an evil super villain.
    - Every teen has to be a complete dipshit because teenagers and hormones.
    - Every teenage boy has to be a complete slave to his sexual urges or be an asexual choir boy.
    - Every villain is a rapist.
    - Every bombshell just needs contacts a new pair of shoes to be sexy, instead of extensive skin care and 20 lapses through the hollywood butchers.
    - Every woman has the stress tolerance of a fainting goat in live or death situations.
    - Every "good guy" has to keep IMPORTANT secrets to protect his loved ones, because that never bites them in the ass..
    - Every black guy has to be either a lowly criminal that can only fart ebonics out his mouth or he is a poor worker slaving away at a dead end job.
    - Every black chick is either a fat obnoxious loudmouth only capable of gutterspeak or hasn't reached adulthood yet.
    - Every Asian guy has at least one degree and every Asian woman plays at least one instrument on a symphony orchestre level.
    - Every Russian is a street thug or an arms dealer.

    but that is just generic stuff for western/US media. Most of it works for German media as well, though I would like to add especially:

    - EVERYTHING is grey. Every scene lacks color. Everything in CSI: Miami has this annoying yellow tinge, every German production is deliberately bleed of color.

    I could list some for Asian media as well, but chances are I'd go into full on rage mode with all their stupid tropes.
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    The romantic misunderstanding where the entire plot revolves around one character being too stupid to simply tell the other character something which would easily clear up the whole problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chinese Bootlickers View Post
    Teeny tiny (wo)manlets having no problem using bows almost as big as they are.
    Gotta fight you on this one. The average size of British longbowmen was approximately 5'4 based on historical and archeological evidence, and their biws were massive. Physical height doesn't really correlate to draw strength, which has more to do with overall chest development and flexibility. A short dude with a barrel chest will have an easier time with a huge bow than a skinny tall guy any day.

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    Elven female and human male. Almost every fantasy ....

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    CPR cures all that ails you.

    You see this one everywhere. Guy is dying from blood loss. Comes in beaten to shit, drugged, stabbed and shot. The heart monitor indicates he is dying! But wait, the doctors shock him back to life! His heart restarts and his hitpoints are now fully restored. Often he can now even resume the fight, or dive right back into danger. The only exception to this situation is when the show or movie wants to keep it mysterious if he survived or not. But usually receiving life-giving treatment successfully is as effective as grabbing a medkit in a videogame.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nerraw View Post
    Someone at BioWare said it best a couple of years ago:
    "You could give the player a [Magic Hat] that would give them the exact gaming experience they ever wanted, and they would still complain about the colour of the hat."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artelia View Post
    Elven female and human male. Almost every fantasy ....
    The Hobbit had Elven female and Dwarf Male so ;-D
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    When there is a man and a woman that have any backstory, they must fall in love. It's boring, and those characters often never have any chemistry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Highelf View Post
    The Hobbit had Elven female and Dwarf Male so ;-D
    It's essentially an even worse version, as it's pretty much just an extension of the ugly, poor & powerless male gets the super hot female trope. While it rarely happens IRL, it is definitely overused in media and just blatant wish fulfillment. What actually happens is what happens in the first LotR trilogy, Sam gets the mediocre looking stubby hobbit woman who is at best a 4-6.

    While we are at it: Romance, relationships & intimacy. People always harp on about relationships and chemistry between the actors, but I have yet to see anyone actually portray a realistic relationship and the intimate interactions that follow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Artelia View Post
    Elven female and human male. Almost every fantasy ....
    Blame Tolkien. His Beren and Luthien were a classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowferal View Post
    Blame Tolkien. His Beren and Luthien were a classic.
    I blame him everyday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenJesus View Post
    This happens all the time in anime and its annoying. Just have a narrator that explains it rather than pretending that this could actually be a conversation characters would have. It's so immersion breaking having two people talk about super basic information about their identity that shouldn't be a conversation. Like "who's our boss again? What's our organization called and what do we try to do again?"... ugh..
    Exactly, I can't stand this shit. In most cases it's even insulting because they're repeating information that was already given but according to the director it wasn't obvious enough so they just throw that information a second time but now in dialogue and it's like "yo bitch you think we didn't get it the first time?"
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