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    OK some/most of these aren't cliches but gripes in general because I went off on a rant:

    Plot armour
    Mary sues
    Opposite: Female characters who are overpowered in every way just because they're female
    Obligatory "Show must contain a black dude even though it doesn't fit the setting because political correctness" (or vice versa)
    Romance scenes just because you need to have a romance scene? (You don't! Don't force it!)
    Dwarves always seeming to be Scottish?
    Bad guys often British (though I quite like this one!)
    GOD DAMN SOUND EFFECTS IN OUTER SPACE This one is so stupid. Sure, if you're in the ship you'll hear the hull get hit you'll hear the noise from inside, but you won't hear another fucking ship blow up across a vacuum! And laser noise? They're beams of light...
    Ships momentum immediately stalling when blown up in outer space. No. They'd keep moving.
    Added noise to fist fights (comically loud punching and kicking noises)
    Artificially added engine noise when the car is quiet (even electric cars sometimes get added engine noise)

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    Another one I thought off: whenever the villain tries to attack its victim, but the victim overpowers him and he falls to the floor (seemingly unconscious).... the victim is doing the dumbest thing posssible. Which is to walk away to either escape the place or to seek help, rather than actually trying to kill the villain, or at least tie him up after you broke his arms and kneecaps. This happens in a lot of horror movies. A few I can think off is the Terrifier, where the killer clown gets overpowered a few times, yet the victim just leaves him behind while he was obviously not dead. And in the movie Hellfest where the villain was stabbed to the floor, the victims run away to get the police, and the killer has ran off. Like what the hell.

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    When the apocalypse strikes, be it from alien invaders/zombies/fun with nukes, in addition to destroying most of humanity, it also destroys every single bicycle on the planet.

    In the land of intersectionality, the white men in a dress are king.

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    Possessed children/women in horror movies. It just isn't creepy. Never was, never will be. Overdoing to death definitely won't help make it any creepier. In fact possession as a whole is an annoying trope.

    Another trope that needs to be ditched asap is taking every opportunity to show off how cool and strong and badass the female character is. It's fucking annoying when a male character does it. It's just as annoying when a female character does it. Just do something that tells a story, not "look at how cewl dey are lol". Unless it's the usual over the top action movie. Then by all means, show how badass they are.

    But when I'm watching anything else? C'mon.

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    Faster typing means better hacking
    Lab results being done in less than hour, especially if it requires bacterial growth.
    Smart Characters that have a PhD in all the thngs.
    Diversity for the sake of Diversity.
    Politcal Correctness Posturing.
    Specificly Disney Making Live action versions of their old movies. eather make new stuff or loosen that iron grip on those Copyright IP's

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    That a reclusive loner is the one that invents <Insert superadvance tech stuff or some new awesome skill> and not someone who communicate and cooperate with likeminded people across the world.
    None of us really changes over time. We only become more fully what we are.

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    "Believe in yourself" - emotional talks makes me cringe every time.
    Mother pus bucket!

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    Nearby, preventing you from fast traveling.
    The part where the main character and their love interest decide to kiss while something incredibly dangerous and/or urgently in need of attention is happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jotaux View Post
    Keeping a secret to protect their loved ones.
    One of my most hated tropes. Writers with no clue how to create drama without having everyone keep all kinds of things secret from each other that no one in real life would keep secret.

    Character X experiences some bizarre physical or mental *thing*. It's very unusual, and likely harmful to X and the people around him. People note that X visible reacted to something.
    "Hey X, are you OK".
    - "uh yeah...I'm fine. Definitely nothing harmful just happened to me that you could easily help me overcome if I just told you. Instead I'll deal with this silently over the next few episodes, until it becomes really bad for everyone or life threatening, then I'll tell you or you'll find out be accident".

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowlink View Post
    Faster typing means better hacking
    Smart Characters that have a PhD in all the thngs.
    To build on that, every small group of friends has at least one super hacker, who knows every OS, programming language, and even instantly knows how to work the proprietary software they just hacked into for the first time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chinese Bootlickers View Post
    When the apocalypse strikes, be it from alien invaders/zombies/fun with nukes, in addition to destroying most of humanity, it also destroys every single bicycle on the planet.
    My guess is that the bikes are fine, but all the helmets and cycling shorts were destroyed, and who's going to ride a bike without those??

    "Take the time to sit down and talk with your adversaries. You will learn something, and they will learn something from you. When two enemies are talking, they are not fighting. It's when the talking ceases that the ground becomes fertile for violence. So keep the conversation going."
    ~ Daryl Davis

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    the evil becomes good and vice versa haha

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    Happy endings probably

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    It's essentially an even worse version, as it's pretty much just an extension of the ugly, poor & powerless male gets the super hot female trope. While it rarely happens IRL, it is definitely overused in media and just blatant wish fulfillment. What actually happens is what happens in the first LotR trilogy, Sam gets the mediocre looking stubby hobbit woman who is at best a 4-6.

    While we are at it: Romance, relationships & intimacy. People always harp on about relationships and chemistry between the actors, but I have yet to see anyone actually portray a realistic relationship and the intimate interactions that follow.
    Blame Tolkein. He popularized the trope. Look at virtually every couple where they are of different species. The female is always the more exotic one. Female angel/male elf, female elf/male human, etc.
    Remember, never look over the long term story and try to piece together what Blizzard planned, only take singular moments out of context and blow them way out of proportion. We can argue better that way.

    Every time I try to look at the story as Blizzard are presenting it I'm either called a shill or a fanfiction writer. - Powerogue 2019

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    The main guys walking out in plain sight, shotting everything they see while not taking a single hit from dozens of people shooting at them.
    That one dude that somehow survived an attack and becomes the next most dangerous human on earth to avenge someone that got killed durring the assault.
    Never running out of ammos but unless it's a critical scene where missing ammo would be dramatic! What do you, he's out of ammo!

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    Huge dramatic emotional argument through a Misunderstanding causing Issues for the Protagonists
    Which would very easily be solved with just talking like regular people
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    Fat ugly sitcom writer/actor has dozens of drop dead gorgeous women falling at their feet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highelf View Post
    A 100lb girl beating every thing up with ease.

    When you can tell a personal politic or agenda is being pushed.
    Yup...and often these two overlap, and are often accompanied by the dumbing down of something to sell it on a mass market.

    Killing half of a lesbian couple is one that really is very horrible and overused.
    Hope, the greatest power of all!


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    While story telling is always tropes and cliches, i think the way you use them is what brings your success or downfall. Id say the problem to me is not the over use and more the over use poorly. Those cliche are used often, but in shitty ways most of the time too.

    -Chosen one, can be a fine cliche, problem is its use often sucks, its often contrived itself being the master of everything, invincible, so it almost always becomes a mary sue/gary stu, where everyone got a boner for the chosen one. The chosen one story can be much more simple, he was chosen for a task. Hell i know this is about movies, but for example in a video game, bloodborne. Your hunter has a story line of a chosen one, you are chosen by First Hunter Gerhman, but being his chosen one is more about him then you. Hell at the end of the story, the only choice that ends "well" for you as his chosen one, is accepting death at his hand.

    -Stronk Women / Stronk Men. Again like the chosen one, its just a problem of the good ones being drowned by the shit ones. Many writters think strong = Power, then just wash their hands off it, because thats all the requirment met! Sign your strong Women/Men is mostly shit, they will have many many lines about how they dont need anyone or any help. They will be made overly strong, sometime comicaly so. Very little time to established anything else. Very little tension because the enemy does not pose any threat. Can work like the chosen one, just need someone thats actually smart to write it, so that the power of the character is offset by a weakness that is exploited, like having psycological problems, or an enemy much more dangerous then the strong person is.

    Forced Romance: This is used to be much worse before, look i dont hate romance, but sometimes theres just no reason and also no FUCKING TIME. Humans dont start romance after 20 hours of car chase and getting shot at by bad guys. Romance is born of intimacy and human warmth, getting to know someone. You go back 2 decades. Characters always had to hook up at the end, even if no event had occured that would make it a romance in the entire film. To tell you how often this shit was, people where surprised at the end of blade in 1998, because blade does not hook up with the girl. Why the hell would he hook up with the girl? He passed the last couple hours fighting vampires, while most of her time was trying to cure herself in a lab. Why would they be hooking up, they share less then 10 sentences to each other?

    There are many more, but these are overused, but the problem is not how overused they are, its that more often then not when they are used they are shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    Can be anything

    I will start with

    In TV soaps where the most new characters happen to have a big secret they have.
    That you can revive a lifeless person, using CPR..

    Fact (because I say so): TBC > Cata > Legion > MoP > BfA > WoD = WotLK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowferal View Post
    That, and where body armor doesn't do shit. (Every Star Wars movie has this)
    I mean they look cool, but are made of plastic. Of course they do nothing lol.

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    Power of Love saving the day.

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