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    Quote Originally Posted by iamthedevil View Post
    That's fucked up. Now I feel like i have to spend all that gold.
    Good thing its not going away in a week then, probably have over 10 months to farm for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dundebuns View Post
    This is a pretty naieve view. Of course it is to get more token sales. No one is going to need to need ot buy 5 million golds worth of tokens. This is aimed at getting those people who were saving for it but wouldn't have got it by the end of the expansion, using FOMO to push them to buy a couple of tokens that they wouldn't have thought of buying before.

    It's a clever marketting tactic, but it's scummy as fuck and reeks of a director move and not a developer move. Dev's will want their workj accessible to everyone if they havepride in it. A director will want to squeeze money out of it in as many ways as possible, and FOMO is very incidious and unfortunately works.
    I mean BFA was peppered with excessive amounts of "promotions" basically smells to me like they're dropping in revenue and desperate to get money through any channel possible. Having not one but TWO six month promos with attached mounts and a second one that can't even be purchased by bnet balance, irl money sub only? And that in addition to 3 other store mounts? And a WC3 mount if you pay extra?

    New RAF where you need not 2-3 months but a whopping twelve months of "friends" subs combined to get full rewards? Three different price ranges for Shadowlands expac with extra bells and whistles? Except standard pet + mount also transmog, weapon illusion and hearthstone toy? "E-sports" toys?

    Tons of goldsinks, much more than previous xpacs? Except 5 mil bruto we had half a mil white direhorn, half a mil mechagon mount, these 90k gryphon / pterrordax recolours, 333k frogs and probably few others I don't remember while basically cutting player's gold income by a lot.

    10 new races you have to pay for racechange for? While half of them could be just cosmetic alternatives within the parent race, as we've seen with Trolls and Dwarves during Shadowlands reveal? Really makes me wonder how did they finally decide to give us some customization within existing races, did their ploy with Allied Races fall flat?

    The only reason I'm hopeful for Shadowlands is that it looks to me that they realized no marketing tricks can force people to spend money on bad expac so creating a better game experience is actually in their interest, even if it's just a platform to sell more stuff from cash shop. It looked to me they decided to go more into cosmetics and story variety than merciless "activity metrics" padding we had in BFA. I hope I won't be proven wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoMana View Post
    You probably need to keep in mind that $540 is chump change for most working adults.
    Not sure if sarcasm...

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    This is a good distraction by Blizzard PR to detract all the negative attention away from Shadowlands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrilaife View Post
    Not sure if sarcasm...
    It wasn't. I have plenty of friends and acquaintances who have bought max level classic accounts for about same price without thinking twice. They raid MC couple of times, "for old times sake" and never log on after that. It's really not *that much* money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarathir View Post
    I mean, even among the people I spoke to that already own the Brutosaur, there's a split. A few are happy- or gloating. Plenty of them also think this is a ridiculous move. Of course, this is anecdotal, but the fact that I can find people in the groups that would supposedly "benefit" from this change criticizing Blizzard over it says something.

    At least, it does to me.
    Among the people i spoken to that already have it, no one cares that it will go to BMAH instead of a vendor, among those that want it pretty much everyone is happy that they where warned its going away when its still plenty of time to farm for it instead of just removing it, and no one of them are planing on buying tokens to afford it.

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    I'd wager most people who bought this mount farmed up the gold by taking full advantage of class order hall mounts in Legion, myself included. Where a full class roster of 12 max level alts could net you 50k a day for about 5 mins of easy work.

    Was a bit of a kicker they removed that method of gold farming before introducing this expensive mount in the next expansion, where all gold farming methods are total crap in comparison. But not only that, they are saying unless you can earn that gold before BFA ends, you aren't ever getting this mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nosgoth View Post
    Someone in this thread said you can make 100k gold farming in an hour. I don't know because I only do professions, but 14k gold a day with professions is not a lot. So maybe stop refusing to deal with professions and the AH?
    You can't really look at it in a vacuum, most players can't play daily, it varies heavily on server to server basis and while i think its okay to have to farm a bit 99% of players don't play wow to farm 1-2 hours every day for several months..

    If they do this to be able to increase gold sources and having the brutosaur still be a prestige mount they could actually increase the gold needed to 6/7/8 million, sure they will also get sh't for that (like, for everything) but not as bad if they explain their reason.

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    My first thought was that they've learned their lesson from the Yak and Mammoth - mounts that were pretty rare on introduction but soon enough have become trivial due to gold inflation - and they don't want portable AH access to potentially available to everyone for the rest of the game's lifetime if gold inflation keeps going in a couple more expansions down the line.

    But trust MMO-Champion to decide on the conspiracy theory option and decide it's all about the token sales. Never change MMO-C!
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    I have to admit, this resembles the same scummy practices during the downfall of Gaia Online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eosia View Post
    Couple things...

    If anyone thinks this is to "boost token sales", then they are dumb. Period. At current prices, it takes 27 tokens to do it. 27x$20 = $540. Only fools would spend that much.

    Second, yes this is a stupid move on Blizzard's part. They know some of us save up to buy these things but now they have to use artificial scarcity yto take that away. What has been one of the chief complaints about WoW? Removing things that do not need to be removed. With the exception of the old CM Dungeons and things like the Mage Tower, if they put it in the game it needs to stay in the game.
    this, whoever is willing to give over 500 dollars for a single mount deserves to be milked
    althought tbh its stupid to move the mount to BMAH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nosgoth View Post
    I think it's much more likely that the reason they are removing it is because in hindsight, they don't like the idea of everyone having their own auction house with them at all times.
    To be fair I dont think they give a rats ass about that kind of balance by now.

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    Welp, that is certainly a new low.
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    Fine by me, making it a scarcity will push People into buying it for fear of missing out, meaning it will funnel a lot of the stupid amounts of Gold from WoD garrison Farming out the window.

    We may actually see a modicum of stabilisation from this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xi Jinping View Post
    Even tho I appreciate all the optimism from people that are fine with this, it's not.

    As a mount collector this is a dream mount and I am actually gonna find a job now and buy wow token. Imagin removing the single most impressive mount from the game. Whats next?- Entire transmog sets for RAF and pre-orders? Wouldn't it be better if we all payed a monthly fee, and had full excess to all the game features? oh wait...
    And yes, WoW Tokens are pay-to-win
    Here is proof that this change is positive. At least one person is going to go out there and improve themself and get a better job. Blizzard should be commended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toralin View Post
    Guessing they will release a similar mount for the next exp.
    Can you even imagine the rage if it was 4.9 million or even 100k? Blizzard should totally do that. 9.1 so it can't be data mined yet. That would be almost as epic as when Ghostcrawler wrote the open letter to the community telling them to git gud n Cata.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nizah View Post
    why so mad bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoMana View Post
    You probably need to keep in mind that $540 is chump change for most working adults.
    No, that's ridiculous. It may be affordable but it's not chump change. You are moving in rarefied circles if someone has $550 bucks to toss into a game for a mount. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but that's a lot of money for most people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jastall View Post
    It's already unobtainable to anyone other than the whales. The difference between 5M gold and goldcap on BMAH isn't that great when you're that filthy rich.
    If you don't know what a whale is you probably need to stop posting in threads like this. Tbh it just looks ridiculous.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nizah View Post
    why so mad bro

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    People thinking a multi billion dollar company is removing a mount in the hopes of baiting a handful of individuals into buying a total of a few thousand dollars worth of WoW tokens are delusional. They may be removing it because few people are interacting with the content (i.e. buying it in-game) and believe it has failed as a gold dump, or for some other reason, but people who believe that there was a board room meeting where Bobby Kotick sat the WoW dev team down and said, "Find a way to sell more WoW tokens... or else!" are so fucking delusional they need to check themselves in.

    I guess FFXIV must be literally satan incarnate because they remove ALL event and holiday mounts (the holidays are pretty short, too) and make them solely obtainable through the in-game shop.

    B-b-but FFXIV is the better game a-and Yoshi P c-cares about us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krewshi View Post
    Lmao I can smell the fucking greed
    Does it Snell like addiction? That might be what you're smelling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velerios View Post
    Yes, but then it's been rare, and it will always cost 9.999.999.
    That's makes no sense. If you have 9999999 gold in the next xpac you had the same amount just before it. So you buy it for 5m before. It may cost that much years later but makes no economic sense at all to pay 9999999 for it. If anything it will go for a lot less. Some guy said 3m. He might be right.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nizah View Post
    why so mad bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhorle View Post
    The entire reason why they added the mount for 5 million was because it was easily affordable for those that farmed gold in Warlords and Legion. It was not designed for people to farm up all the gold in BfA. The fianance people have not taken over anymore then they already existed the past 15 years. Blizzard wants to make money and always has plain and simple.

    One of the main reasons why they stopped the TCG loot was because they weren't getting a cut. Same thing with D3 and the RMAH. They wanted to provide a safer place for players and get their cut. Nothing has changed except the scapegoats you and others use for the stupid hate.
    Ok, so they only put a 5 million gold mount in the game to sell to people that farmed gold in Warlords and Legion but they have always wanted to make money and this is the only exception to that money making rule...only a shill could make an argument this stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RWQ View Post
    that's not just like it is now though, even if the price was 5M it wouldn't be just like it is now. There will be scarcity to it. Currently ANYONE with enough gold can buy it. Once it's in BMAH ONE PERSON per time it goes up can buy it. That's a notable difference.
    That's only true in the far future. Anyone with enuff for the bmah has enuff for the vendor. Tokens will mainly be purchased by people close to the 5m before SL. Of course it may not show up for years on the bmah but you can generally say that the cost of it on the bmah should be less than vendor. It's basic high school economics.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nizah View Post
    why so mad bro

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