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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    loved the raiding in wod,in legion it kinda started for me and in bfa it hit hard,its odd really,bfa has far more content than wod,and the raids are just as good overall,i think its just a pasage of time thing,well we will see how it feels in shadowlands
    The general vipe of how they handeled the expansions is what got me.
    I prefered the oldskool dungeon rewards with emblems. The weekly conquest farm.
    I prefered that they kept people ilvl the same as always and not increase/decrease in battlegrounds.

    The small things. It all started to change in WoD and forward.
    WoW got completely lost after MoP.

    of course the changes on WoW started during WOTLK. but it got totally different in WoD.
    I always said to my friends, WoW has 2 game era's, Vanilla till MoP and WoD - BfA

    Both 2 completely different games.
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Cataclysm but MOP sealed the deal.

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    WoD and most of Legion.

    Only really got back into the game during Legion’s content drought where I decided to farm out all the old reputations and mounts I had been to lazy to do before, it all started when I realised the mage tower was doable with some basic catch up gear which inspired me to get the appearance for every spec, though I never got all the healing ones because fuck healing and that challenge (Got the disc priest and holy pala appearances though).

    I just couldn’t be bothered doing any of this in WoD and early Legion. Collecting seemed pointless to me and I didn’t even bother to get the challenge mode weapons/yeti since I thought they all looked like ass. And I still do. Though from a collector’s standpoint I kinda regret that, I also regret never getting the Paladin challenge mode set in MoP, only grabbing the Warrior one, but I didn’t have enough for a second boost.

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