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    [Music] Grammy Awards 2020 Nominees

    While I'm not a fan of the Grammys at all, I still like to see the nominations. I particular like being surprised that a more unknown artist gets recognized despite this whole award show just being a popularity contest.

    Nonetheless, here's the list


    No good surprises this time imo. I imagine Billie Eilish will sweep. Really surprised that Tyler, the Creator only got one nomination. Also surprised there was no nominations for Slipknot's new album, I thought it was really good.

    If you care, or even if you don't care, thoughts?
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    why... why create a thread about this...

    musicians just giving each other awards... wow... exciting.

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    Call me when game composers get on there

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    Garbage, utter garbage.

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    I don't know or listen to most of these artists

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