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    How about you let the ppl who made this possible have what they wanted instead of a weird version of it?

    Have some respect.

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    I would be disapointed in blizzard for caving under the complainers for sure. But i woulden't quit.

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    If they changed the game from Classic I would quit. I can accept the content release being different than it was.. or it being in the new client.. but if they changed the classes or how stats worked I would be done. Classic is for people that enjoy Classic. Not people that don't enjoy Classic and want it to be Classic+ because they are sick of playing BFA or something. The current expansion is there if you want things that way. Go enjoy it. I enjoy both. Its fine!

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    If you start making custom class changes, it would open the floodgates for endless demands from the playerbase. The entire Classic community would devolve into hysterical bickering about class balance and what my class deserves and your class is already OP. Hell no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArtistOfWar View Post
    You're pretty silly and close minded to think that classic+ instantly means retail. There's a LOT that makes retail what it is. I happen to like both, but classic is its own game, that was never 'finished,' and to pick up and fix some things would not be a bad thing short of people captitalizing on the few OP classes or spouts "no change" just to spike classic players.
    but the moment you start making some changes, the QQ squad will want more changes. i signed up for classic. an authentic vanilla wow recreation, or as close to it as you could get. i did not sign up for classsic +.

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    It's already violated.

    They've made changes already and just brush it off as if nothing happened but there is no real choice..nobody will ever go back to private servers despite the fact they delivered a superior product to Blizzard because this is the for better or for worse "official" one.
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    Hi Sephurik

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Kami Dende View Post
    If anything, that would actually make me consider playing. Literally everyone I know that started Classic and has quit already did so because of the amount of shitty mechanics and bad game design choices that Vanilla was full of still being in what could possibly be a great game because of Idiots screaming about #nochanges.

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    Class Balance was at its worst point in Vanilla.
    spec balance? yes. class? no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by threadz View Post
    classic would've been better if they made more than 5 specs viable. nobody wants to commit to a class they know is shit and will be shit forever.
    Funny, there's literally tons of people doing exactly this.
    My greatest fear is that one day, my MMO-Champion ignore list will run out of space.

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    #no change is already violated. That we have 1.12 content nerfs, gear and talents and is a bigger nochange violation than any of ur suggestions.

    Add to that the rediculus noclip goblin guards around zeppeliners.. This is probobly the biggest horde bias in the game atm.. They can camp ally boat without any issue. But if an ally pops his head up on the zeppeliner while within 100yeards of the tower a goblin sniper will noclip him with a punch that sends him flying even with block/bubble up... and it goes throu the fucking wall.... Its like that railgun from that Schwarzenegger movie Eraser...

    You could give paladins taunt and a fucking lightsaber and it would still have less impact on the game than these fucking goblins.

    Nochanges was dead on arrival. Blizz killed it, It went out with a whimper.
    First with this fucking 1.12 patch. and later with these fucking goblins.
    They might aswell put another bullet in its corpse with pala taunts or infinite mana for hybrids. This is already calssic+ as far as im concerned. Might aswell go all the way and bring us dualspec.

    OK, rant done.

    If i were to add something to classic, itd be a reworked respec cost. Because atm im only playing one spec that is suboptimal for both pvp, farming and pve. Because constantly swapping is simply too expensive. A lower cost would be a better goldsink since ppl would actaully use it then.
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    Of that list the only one they might eventually change is respec cost, I don't ever see them changing the classes. One reason that is is that Ion already stated they won't be doing it and two I think they want it to be rough to try and drive people to retail.

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    I think there's a good enough reason to make separate servers that have changes at some point. For example a server where Classic starts with TBC pre patch talents and spells. Would be a cool way to change things up within Classic but without messing with existing servers.
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    Cant help but laugh at people, who imply that decreasing the respecc cost, would be change the game to retail.

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    Well, it strongly depends what those proposed changes are, but they have to be done with the classic mindset, not with the retail one.

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    Umm, but there's lots of changes in Classic from Vanilla already.

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    I would not mind minor balance fixes after phase 6

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    real champion

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    you have right

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    yep this is true

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whistl3r View Post
    Such a pointless thread. Classic wont be changed, certainly not in the way you're suggesting.
    Well said very pointless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shnider View Post
    no. i'm not fussy about a game that is 15 years that is soo out of date.

    would be silly to quit over respec cost though xD
    Thought Classic launched with changes to begin with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shnider View Post
    it did. thus explain the hypocrisy of purists who shout NoChanges.
    #nochange purists have that stance to try to stop the slippery slope. Ppl like you 2 talking abt how there are already changes so why not have more, are exactly why those purists are so adamant.

    And what changes exactly? I can think of layering, but that was to combat the overpopulation at the start and is gone now. Cant think of any other game play changesn

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