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    Quote Originally Posted by Shnider View Post
    I would change a lot of things that makes the gamr more enjoyable.

    Improved graphics, new models, reduce talent cost), etc...

    All of these are changes that don’t affect gameplay yet those people are so adamant they are actually hurting the game.

    I can argue that keeping old modes hurt the game because it doesn’t attract new players (i know a couple of friends who refused to play graphics due to bad graphics being the main reason).

    Don’t you think it’s unreasonable To shut people up for their opinion even if it’s completely valid?
    My bad, I meant what changes are already in classic that affect gameplay.

    I believe reducing talent costs would affect gameplay tho. Less identity of spec, would be more "forced" by guilds to be 100% optimized for every fight, less gold sink, everyone would pvp in pvp specs instead of general specs, less ppl put in the world farming, etc.

    As for new models, I wouldnt care if its client side. but the old armor is gonna look funky as hell on them and I dont see them spending the time to update the textures on those. Tbh tho, I dont think classic was ever released to attract new players.

    It's one thing to shut ppl up for their opinion, but I also think its unreasonable to cry for changes to a game that blizzard has been adamant about not changing and was only released as a "museum piece". If the game were to be changed in any sort of major way, the same ppl who have been asking for vanilla for 15 years (the reason classic exists) would be back to square 1 asking for the game back. Not worth the time and development costs to capture the few remaining would-be customers who are not currently playing classic or retail.

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    OFC I would quit

    If I wanted such stuff I would play retail, what's the point in having them in classic?

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    #nochanges was violated on day 1 when they overcrowded the servers. The biggest and worst change. Its killing the experience for a lot of people.

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    What a completely pointless poll.

    First, one of the options is a complete troll so it skews the results. Then, two of the four remaining options basically say the same thing. And finally, this is a forum. Forums naturally gravitate players unhappy with some facet of gameplay so that's also going to improperly skew results.

    OT: Voted Reeeee

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