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    Quote Originally Posted by Asrialol View Post
    OP doesn't know what a casual player is. You think they play for hours every day? I wouldn't be surprised if a big chunk of the playerbase played the game a few hours per month these days. It's not like most people actually bother cancelling their sub these days, at least in the communities I'm in.

    I mean. Are you subscribed to Netflix, HBO, Amazon, etc? Do you make sure to watch it every day? Lmao.

    There's enough content in the game right now to keep casuals occupied until Shadowlands comes. Get over yourself.
    Yes actually, I do watch Netflix and amazon prime everyday. When I am ironing, doing the dishes, etc. Why would I keep throwing money at a business if I am not using their service?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shnider View Post
    it's ok to have 6-9 months drought before an expansion. this is when the game has the least amount of subscriptions.

    But this is mitigated partially by blizzard because of wow classic. Some people will think that a subscription with 2 games is a good deal and will stay subscribed even when there is nothing going on in retail.

    to OP: This is completely normal & been happening for the last 7 expansions. I would even encourage blizzard to focus completely on next expansion to give us the best experience possible.

    What exactly are they supposed to be "focusing" on for the next xpac? No new class, coupled with a pretty light features list for the xpac makes me wonder what they would do exactly with the extra time you suggest they take away from working on the current version.

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    Subs will drop hard in 8.3

    In Legion we had mage tower and good gold farming

    In BfA nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    There was a large drop-off in participation from the Uldir to BfD to EP, and now EP is mostly dead.

    So the unsub until 9.0 (or permanently) has been going on for a while. I'm seeing players who dallied in Classic unsubbing now too.

    I suspect 8.3 participation will be lackluster at best. Players whose guilds sputtered to a halt in EP may find their guilds aren't in a position to start up again when 8.3 drops.
    Class design and the awfulness of azerite has killed any enjoyment for me in this awful xpack. Even my brother who's a mythic raider unsubbed the moment he heard that the neck will gain 15 more levels. Almost everything in BFA has been a slog.

    Look at how little interaction there is on the wow forum. You can tell they don't give a shit about this game anymore. Or the Californian attitude of being surrounded by. (Literal) shit all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by IlikeDemonHunters View Post
    There seems to be some confusion of what casual means, Anyone on a forum about WoW is not casual, anyone who does non-queable group content is not casual (even Normal raid, M0 is not casual) . There is a whole level of player in the game who has no idea about professions, azerite, addons, buffs , even spells outside of the ones the game adds for them. I'd suggest that not a single poster on here is casual.
    That kind of player will literally play a patch for 1-2 afternoons, finish the single player story and then shelf the game until next patch. Maybe an expansion will give them a bit more content, because they're not power levellers and will take their time to explore every zone and check all the questlines.

    They're not really a target audience because they aren't interested in WOW the MMO they only consume the single player part, that is small part of wow.

    People who stay longer, but are casuals still, are a diverse group with many sub groups like collectors, RPers, pet battlers, achievement hunters, social players (they play group content but in their circle of friends / guild and are not competitive / min-max oriented), avid alt levellers and more, there isn't 1 type of "content" that is of interest to all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Look how few posts there are on the official forums. I go to the US DR&S forum and there are just seven threads that have had any posts on them in the last 24 hours.
    DR&S forum? Also im talking about from the blues. The general threads are alliance crying. High elf crying. And lfr crying on the General forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmist View Post
    It won't keep anybody occupied for 9 months.

    A raid patch gives me about 4 months. After that, you can forget it. If a Mythic boss still alive by then, we ain't killing it without serious nerfs. We'll have hit that cockblock boss that every tier has, and after 6 weeks of mashing our faces on it, the signups will drop and we'll have to pug, and then nothing gets killed...
    Yes the cadence of nerfs seems really delayed nowadays, especially when we remember times of zone wide buff growing every week from 5% to 30% in icc or DS. Do we really need thousands of guilds stuck on Krosus, Ashvane, Gorefiend, Misstress Saszine, or whatever other boss? If top guilds are already way past that boss, then it should be nerfed. Endbosses should also be nerfed faster and not 1-2 months before tier end because by that time most players who struggled with that boss already have given up long ago.

    Especially mid-xpac raid tiers seem to be extreme guild killers, like Kil'jaeden and now Azshara. We're maybe 1-1,5 month away from Nyalotha, I don't know why Azshara didn't get nerfed again, by that time frame Jaina was already gutted by multiple nerfs, Gul'dan also had tons of nerfs along the way to help guilds progress. And I'm saying this as a person who already has Cutting Edge so it's not that I'm wishing for nerfs because I can't get the kill myself.

    I also see after Ashvane and Orgozoa got nerfed, lots of guilds stuck on Court or Zaqul and I ask myself what for? Why not nerf these 2 already? Do I feel like "it lessens my accomplishment" because a guild #2000 can finally kill Court? It doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the overall number of mythic raiders dropping as people are quitting, because if you weaken the bottom of the pyramid, you're eroding the whole structure. Higher guilds need the lower guilds to function. Without them there's no recruitment base.

    We've already seen with Crucible what happens when you develop content balanced around elitists and world top 100 guilds, it basically goes ignored and unused. Kinda like vanilla Naxx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    the you see wrong

    devs confirmed during blizzcon interviews that shadowlands is planned for december 2020/january 2021.
    You’re wrong. Will be out in 2020 (not 2021), probably around November, October if we are lucky

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    Quote Originally Posted by styil View Post
    EDIT: sorry, this was meant for the general discussion forum.

    With 7.3 lasting 9 months, it is safe to assume that 8.3 will also be around for at least just as long, especially with such a big raid. So the real question becomes, what is going to motivate the casual playerbase to stick around for 9+ months?

    No new outdoor zones, no new dungeons. Just the same WQ's and assaults formula from the last 5 patches. What is Blizzard expecting casuals to do after 9 days, let alone 9 months?

    And the worst part is, it doesn't even seem like those cut development resources have made their way into Shadowlands either, which is spreading content just as thinly.
    Depends on how good 8.3 content will be. Problems with current content:
    1) WQs. Obsoleted. "It will drop you just +10 ilvl gear/no epics if you aren't full epic/just rely on WF/TF RNG casino" model means you'd gear there for ages.
    2) Invasions are good, but are time-based, i.e. not always available, that is bad for casual player. 2 of 5 WQs aren't soloable there, that will kill this content as soon, as activity will drop.
    3) Expeditions are bad, because nothing depends on how you play them - just on how fast you complete them. No way to gear up there during leveling, that causes gear lag, i.e. makes your character weaker and weaker with every level. No gold to cover repair loses.
    4) Warfronts? What is that? Another pseudo-PVP with bots?
    5) Mechagon. Rares are pure RNG, that is complete crap for casual player, as sometimes it's no rares for 30 minutes, but sometimes it's 4 rares at the same time. I've got my Pathfinder II and mount. What else this crap is needed for?
    6) Nazjatar. Overtuned and/or badly designed. Just unbearable. Token gearing model is great though.

    If all that problems will be solved to 8.3 content, then, I guess, it will be good for casual players. I don't play on PTR as I don't want to see spoilers, so I don't know, how things are going there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saninicus View Post
    DR&S forum? Also im talking about from the blues. The general threads are alliance crying. High elf crying. And lfr crying on the General forums.
    Note: I miscounted there, so it was actually 11.

    But yes, blue posts are way down. I explain that by WoW being in cash cow mode. Cash cows are products for which growth is no longer a goal. They are milked by reducing expenses (such as the cost of people who post on forms); when even that stops making them profitable they are shut down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by styil View Post
    And the worst part is, it doesn't even seem like those cut development resources have made their way into Shadowlands either, which is spreading content just as thinly.
    what cut development resources?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sangfoudre View Post
    I'm not sure the definition you suggested is correct.
    Casual refer to people not connecting every day, maybe from time to time. What they do during their game time is not relevant. It's obvious that they don't have a high PvP rating or the curve the first weeks. They might do some BGs, arenas, LFR, NM, filing a slot in HM if their gear is OK, why not a +5 to +10 keys. Some connect a lot more during their week off so they might play a lot and some even post on forums.
    he is not wrong though

    you have here people who play 15-20 hours a week and claim that they play casualy .

    casual player is someone who plays 3-4 hours a week max.

    it doesnt matter if he raids mythic during this time or does solely lfr.

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    There is this thing that matters too - once you've gained all the power the expansion progression had to offer you get to enjoy being powerful and on top of the things for a while, before you are reduced to a levelling scrub again. I do appreciate these periods. Also almost everyone plays alts too and enjoys bringing one or more to that level of power. Some people come in late too, they also want to complete raids and do the things. Not everyone is starting on day 1 of content release.
    And then if there is some down time before the pre-launch events begin that's fine. They won't repeat 9+ months of drought at any rate.

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    They'll probably try to fill it with classic releases so ppl don't stop their subscription.
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    im waiting for shadowlands , wanna be rejuvenated for WoW again

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    he is not wrong though

    you have here people who play 15-20 hours a week and claim that they play casualy .

    casual player is someone who plays 3-4 hours a week max.

    it doesnt matter if he raids mythic during this time or does solely lfr.
    3-4 hours a week max, if you do the average on a long period of time.
    Some people need to move for their jobs, so they cannot be connected regularly.

    Hey guys, back to the basics, casual means "occurring without regularity",
    Blood DK. I hate leveling alts.
    BfA is great. I love HoA.
    Unpopular opinions ftw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    the answer is simple

    it wont

    8.3 is aimed solely at youtubers and raiders so they dont do too much negative PR before launch of 9.0

    they simply have no choice but to shut them up .

    thats why there is 0 content for casual players and only grinds aimed at raiders. there is no mage tower this time meaning there is absolutely no reason to push gear because you will replace it with leveling greens anyway and there is nothing that you could utilize it for unless you raid.

    for me its a perfect moment to take long break from game most likely 6+ moonths long since match or april
    Pure nonsense. Raiders are going to burn through content far faster and pack it in sooner, as they often do with the final patch. A close to a year raid window isn't anything a raider wants besides somebody in some shitty mythic guild hoping to back into CE with some pug Carrie's after raid restrictions are lifted.
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    I'll try to do all +15 in time again, horrific visions, and leveling vulperas/mechagnomes, and horrific visions, oh, and horrific visions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shnider View Post
    This is really getting under my skin. You don’t understand how modern mmos work. You don’t have to stay subscribed after 8.3

    We all learned this since early expansions. Blizzard is not retarded enough to swhift focus on creating 8.4 and give us a half ass expansion.

    I am going to assume you didn't mean to reply to me. Otherwise, I'd have to assume you don't have very good reading comprehension skills.

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    It won't. It'll last just long enough for new expansion hype to keep people going until launch.

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