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    I think people are starting to get so used to the Alliance and Horde doing the villain's job for them through plot-induced stupidity (or double-triple-quadruple agents playing 500D super galaxy brain chess manipulating everyone because smart people are indistinguishable from omnipotent wizards) that some weird flavor of Stockholm Syndrome has kicked in and massive tactical blunders now appear brilliant due to years of Blizzard's writing team telling us these massive tactical blunders were secretly brilliant after the fact.
    I just want to have a new badass villain, that's not Sylvanas.

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    Arbiter: Ha ha, I funneled all the anima power in the universe to you, the Jailer, as a joke. You will never be able to stop me now that I'm completely powerless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarathir View Post
    Pyromancer Theorycrafting Mode Engaged (which is, to say, a lot of drugs taken)

    Actually, the Jailer and Sylvanas tried to save Azeroth from the Night Elf menace and Elune with it. You see, Night Elves are the children of Elune, which is one of the evil Aman'thul's many children who seeks to disturb the balance and throw everybody in a whirlpool of suffering. So by killing countless Night Elves, the amount of living Elune adherents has decreased, therefore the twisted daughter of Aman'thul has grown weaker.
    The Titans were behind everything. Fel magic can't melt stone constructs.
    I'd have to get a lot of Ketamine to understand it right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    I'd have to get a lot of Ketamine to understand it right.
    Something cheaper and trashier than Ketamine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sondrelk View Post
    I mean obvisouly in the sense that it is fairly obvious to anyone that we do not actually do the raid once a week, or even spend days on progression.
    What is canonically happening and what is actually being done in game is rarely something that lines up neatly.

    To bring it back to BfA.
    While i think we canonically od islands more than once, it would be silly to assume that the factions are still fighting over the resources with the same NPCs at this point, canonically we probably stopped doing Island expeditions around Battle for Dazar'alor since that is when the Horde lost the rest of its ships.
    Torghast will likely work the same way, we will keep going there in the game potentially all expansion unless Blizzard makes Torghast 2.0 at a later point, but canonically we probably stop going there once the second raid happens.

    - - - Updated - - -

    So her grand plan to save everyone was to kill them first?
    That seem incredibly short-sighted, and is basically the same problem aswas underlined a littel while back with why Sylvanas doesnt just talk to Anduin and say where the Jailer is and that Bolvar can help us get there.
    You mean like how Blizzard famously has Illidan as a genocidal, enslaving maniac doing it all to confront the Legion?
    My post was mainly sarcastic, but this is Blizzard we are discussing, and while I like their story for the most part, some things are like Robot Chicken’s portrayal of Shyamalan (didn’t look up how to spell it) going “what a twist!”

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    not really, jailer will most definitely be bad guy of expansion with sylvanas beeing his lackey. At the end sylvanas will be forced to replace jailer (by us, united coventants, w/e) as jailer after we will kill him

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragedaug View Post
    What does that mean?
    It means he's mad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brt2pp View Post
    not really, jailer will most definitely be bad guy of expansion with sylvanas beeing his lackey. At the end sylvanas will be forced to replace jailer (by us, united coventants, w/e) as jailer after we will kill him
    if this is some attempt at redemption for her given all the people she killed and souls she's tormented its undeserving.

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    We already got the twist.

    The twist was Sylvanas was evil and working with an evil entity, not for the good of the Horde.

    It was a shitty twist everybody but her most ardent fanboys saw coming a decade away, but that was the twist.

    The Jailer is evil and the villain of the expansion. Blizzard isn't subtle about storytelling whatsoever, there isn't some grand epic deep storyline happening, its one rule of cool moment to another while telling the most generic good vs evil storyline possible.

    I donno why people keep expecting it to be different when its been this way for 25 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axxil View Post
    It means he's mad.
    Thanks. I was curious about that. It seems like when I've seen it used, the user is mad and doesn't have anything intelligent to say, so they just say, "cuck!!". Seems to translate to, "you have better arguments than me, and that makes me mad".

    "Take the time to sit down and talk with your adversaries. You will learn something, and they will learn something from you. When two enemies are talking, they are not fighting. It's when the talking ceases that the ground becomes fertile for violence. So keep the conversation going."
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    I have seen the Jailer ... He is surprising

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyLisanna View Post
    I have seen the Jailer ... He is surprising
    Better keep your Monado away from him.

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    I don't think there is any good or bad here. I think they each have a role to play. But somewhere something broke and jailer is doing something about it by doing something that is no allowed for beings like him and arbiter.
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    You think the Arbiter has a grimatongue(bad adviser) in his ear or some other corruption in it? Could be. Now that every soul belongs to the Jailer I can imagine his programming is going haywire thinking he's the one that's supposed to be in charge of the place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    But all who play Horde and hav done the quest chains, know that she fought the evil within the Horde.....and did a pretty good job, if I might add.
    If by that you mean that she removed herself from the Horde I might allow she has some results. She left loyalists all over the place, though.

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    I am sure an entity that feeds of the souls of the damned and subsequently wrecked the "machine of death" by overfeeding, while starving the rest of the Shadowlands must be more evil then an entity that judges peoples souls depending on their deeds in life.

    At best the Jailer is neutral as he is so old that he existed before words such as "good and evil" even existed, but since he at least condoned if not even supported Sylvanas murder spree through Azeroth for years I doubt he can be considered anything but evil now.

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