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    On the contrary, I am happy that I leveled on a normal realm.

    I actually prefer PVP realms on retail. I would have probably leveled on a PVP realm in classic if not for the fact that my guild decided to all join a normal realm in classic.

    After leveling a toon on that normal realm, i decided to level a toon on a realm that one of my friends was on. A PVP realm. It's been a much less enjoyable experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmocfd1b0ab5a3 View Post
    In 2005 PvE realm I was on had some WPvP even though it was a small one so yeah I can imagine nowadays it's more prevalent.
    Yeah,raiders want those PvP set items too,after all

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    I regret rolling on a PvP realm, especially now that HK's with no battlegrounds are a thing. I'm actually considering rerolling PvE (my guild was the only reason I rolled PvP, and that guild has mostly fallen apart on Classic, so I don't have much reason to stick with the PvP realm anymore).
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    unless they have tentacles and more then 2 eyes.

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    It's almost like world pvp was never about actual pvp, but ridiculous ganking and griefing from chickenshits who run from fair fights.

    Didn't roll on a pvp server in 2004, didn't do it for Classic. Absolutely no regrets.
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    I'll buy an Anduin shirt if Delaryn doesn't end up betraying Sylvanas by the end of the expansion.
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    "Orc want, orc take." and "Orc dissagrees, orc kill you to win argument."
    Why no, people don't just like Sylvie for T&A:

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    On Herod the pvp is so one sided in favor of the ally that killed all my hope and wishes to quest, ended up grinding dungeons from lvl 52 to 60. Its overkill to wait 2 hours on a queue to proceed to corpse run another hour xd

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    Nope, I like not being burdened when I try to play my 1 hour of Classic a week.

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    Ever regretted rolling on pvp server? So you can actually decide when to pvp and when not

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgundy View Post
    Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on all the world PvP that occurs in PvP realms?
    no regrets at all,i tried playing on a pvp realm but its just mass gank fest 24/7,this isnt the vanila experience anyways,when i played in vanila the realm i was on had far smaler population,getting attacked by a big group was extremly rare,90%+ of my pvp encounters where with other people leveling

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    Quote Originally Posted by AeneasBK View Post
    I feel that my server (Zandalar Tribe, RPPvP) has hit the perfect level of activity recently, spent about 3 hours doing all the searing gorge quests the other evening (I was level 53), probably killed about 20 times by random level 60 horde (mostly rogues, my first death was 3 level 60 rogues all jumping me together, kinda overkill); but there were also plenty of lvl 60 alliance around too, ended up grouping with a 51 rogue to do Maltorius and the elite quests in the NW corner, met two level 49s there, grouped with them also, suddenly the level 60s that attacked us were getting killed themselves, and while we were still getting rolled if a group arrived, it wasn't nearly so pointless.

    Evening peaked when we were killing giant spiders by the BRD entrance and saw a large party of horde gathering (maybe 20, 25 people) so we fled north only to run into a similar number of alliance riding south, so we turned and joined them and rode down and broke up the horde there. Cavalry charge stuff, very roleplay

    Had a similar experience in Felwood the night before minus the epic charge at the end.

    I'd imagine it's still a horrible clusterfuck on the crowded PvP realms though, certainly the first weekend the PvP system landed it was just... terrible, and if it is still like it was then on the overcrowded realms even after 2 weeks or so then that can't be much fun.
    Problem with Zandalar Tribe is that it is heavily crowded with alliance players. Think last weeks active players ratio was something like 80/20 on alliance favor.

    So I can see why it is enjoyable for alliance players.


    On topic: Do I regret rolling horde on alliance dominated pvp server instead of normal? Not really. I knew where I was goin. RP realms have always alliance favored (to my knowledge), and I've got the experience from overcrowded realms from ps'. I also tried to warn and make sure that my friends/to-be-guidlies would understand where they were goin to but success was...not so good. Been on normal realms in the past and they just feel so stagnant usually.

    Only problem I'm having currently are my shitty useless guildmates who want to go around rolling as 10-15 people group, but when met by bigger resistance than couple ally they just fall over as "ah we can't beat them". And they lack the willpower to learn some basic tactics.

    Luckily there are also ton of horde players who do not give up without fight so I've had ton of fun with them. Being able to turn on and beat ~15man groups with just 5 people is always nice, regardless of faction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curupuru View Post
    Problem with Zandalar Tribe is that it is heavily crowded with alliance players. Think last weeks active players ratio was something like 80/20 on alliance favor.
    Oh cool someones started collecting this data again, last time I looked no had had bothered since like, October. Where can I find it
    Quote Originally Posted by AeneasBK View Post
    Damnit hubcap, you are such a retard.
    Quote Originally Posted by mojusk View Post
    Oh, and stop being a "didn't do that in vanilla"-police. If we're doing something now that we didnt do back then, it's not because we had some sorta unwritten moral code back then, it's because we hadn't thought of it yet.

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    I'm not much of a pvper but i knew i had to roll a pvp server to get that true classic experience. It has been frustrating sometimes but also awesome.

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    Best decision I made in 2004 and still a good one in 2019. If I want wpvp I just defend one of the capitols people are always attacking or head down to tarren mill.
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    Nah nah, see... I live by one simple creed: You might catch more flies with honey, but to catch honeys you gotta be fly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altariaz View Post
    I'm on Gehennas EU and love it. Yes, it's a war on a considerable scale but I would not have it any other way!
    Alliance or Horde?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaetha View Post
    So let me get this straight. Someone is contributing to a thread by saying their experience is the exact opposite of what the OP asks and you come in with the same thing that every indoctrinated PVP server slave says.

    OT: I have never, for one second in my near 14 years of playing, regretted choosing a normal server.
    Oof. The sarcasm was glaringly obvious and you still missed it. Feelsbad

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    Do I regret rolling PvE? NOT AT ALL.

    I played vanilla and started on a PvP server, yes it can be interesting, but it can also be a huge hassle to get to popular places and just do things in peace. This isn't some new phenomenon in Classic, it existed in vanilla and I can vividly remember being camped as soon as I landed in Kargath and all long the way into BRM.

    BTW, we tried to warn the player base: (from June 2019)

    Look through the comments and you'll people saying that same thing I do. You'll also a lot of "tough guy PvPers" claiming that PvE is for care bears and why would you want to miss out on a whole aspect of the game. Where are those guys now? Unless they're the ones outnumbering 5 to 1, they probably quit or re-rolled.

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    I really hate that I am on a PvP realm.

    We were 7 buddies deciding to play Classic, and this one idiot insisted on a PvP realm.
    Then when we actually start playing guess who decided to quit instantly.

    Now I can't change because I'd be ditching the guild and the 4 remaining IRL friends that are playing. Really wishing for Battlegrounds so one can actually enjoy outdoor content again.

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    I read what experienced people from private servers wrote about servers and chose a pve server because of it.
    My friends wo rolled ally on a pvp server have lost all interest because it turned out exactly like pserver players said it would.
    People just camping flightmasters and general points of interests, groups roaming the map, farming everyone at level 48 and above...24/7.
    Horde to Alliance lvl 60 ratio is 3:1 on their they are pretty much fucked. I simply do not have time for this.
    Sure, once battelgrounds are introduced the situation will get better...but still. I don't see any reason to roll on a pvp server at all.
    Fair fights don't happen, I don't have fun ganking people...gonna be happy on my pve realm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeedojin View Post
    I really hate that I am on a PvP realm.

    Really wishing for Battlegrounds so one can actually enjoy outdoor content again.
    BGs should alleviate it some, but if the queues are lop-sided as well (hard to know at this stage since they will be crossrealm queues), expect to be camped by the angry people waiting 30+ minutes in queue with nothing better to do.

    IF Blizzard are willing to mix server types into the BGs (normal with pvp and rp-pvp), they could actually make decently even queues based on the faction populations (but it is hard to know that amount of people that will be queue'ing to pvp). If they just lump random servers or only PvP servers together in their own group, the queues will be one sided.
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    I've been playing on private servers since 2010 and Cataclysm and i would have stopped playing altogether if i had had to roll on yet another PvP server. I've seen the change in PvP culture in past years. PvP realms were OK back in 2005 but not today. Back then they were normal servers where PvP happened sometimes. Now they are battle arenas where you can quest and run dungeons if you're lucky.

    So no, i don't regret rolling on normal realm. If i did, i'd probably play Fortnite or CS instead of this 15 years old relic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgundy View Post
    Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on all the world PvP that occurs in PvP realms?
    Never lol, we get daily world pvp events/raids but it's just opt-in when you're in neutral zones.

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