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    As i remember all was missing that world pvp from classic. "OMG classic world pvp was awesome" "retail world pvp sucks". Now huge amount players hate classic because of wpvp... As i remember wpvp will be hyped for a while and there is no reason to cry and tbh classic wpvp and pvp at all was always pain because of disbalance?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgundy View Post
    Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on all the world PvP that occurs in PvP realms?
    The other way around: going PvP made my friend quit classic at around 35. He just grew tired of being roflstomped by skulls.
    Since I have 0 motivation to play classic w/o him, I quit too. ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrathius View Post
    Has anybody ever regretted rolling on a normal realm before?
    I did. Then I rolled PvP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainyhealz View Post
    Imagine playing on a carebear normal realm in a game called "world of warcraft". To each their own, but ita just awkward watching a cinematic showing faction fighting then playing on a server where u cant even hit an orc as a human in the middle of a desert.
    Some people don't have the proverbial boner that others have for killing others... imagine that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaetha View Post
    Hey, be fair, they could be a masochist or a moron too.
    I stand corrected.

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    Actually I think it's the decision I self-congratulate about the most. Hardly a gaming day pass by without the feeling of "oh gawd is it nice that I'm on a PvE server".
    After 15 years of being conditioned, entering Hillsbrad or STV while feeling relaxed is the bomb

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    Glad that I did not roll on a PvP realm.

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    I know i wouldve regretted it atleast. I was bored as hell in p1. doing nothing but farming gold and raid 3 hours a week. I even leveld up a 2nd char to 60 and geared it up.

    But since p2 came and wpvp started happening ive been having a blast. Ofc i have the fortune of being on a somewhat balanced server (45/55) ratio Razorgore-EU.
    None of us really changes over time. We only become more fully what we are.

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    It's the best decision I made regarding Classic really. There is still world PvP but only when I want it and if I want to do something else instead I don't need to worry about people trying to gank me. It surprised me so many people wanted to go PvP and based on the amount of people who came to my server after the patch and said leveling is impossible so they changed servers for a bit I don't think a lot of them knew what they were signing up for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unholyground View Post
    On the contrary, I feel as though I chose correct because I do not have to worry about fuckbags who don't know how to play fair killing me while leveling.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Retail killed PvP servers in BfA. All servers are PvP when you activate War Mode.
    And that is great. I turned off wm when I was outgeared. Now that I am 430+, I turn it on back again and I am hold my own in world pvp once again.

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    I'm primarily focused on dungeons, crafting economy, reputations, and raiding. So no I'm not upset at all.

    Ironically there's a well cultivated Southshore/Tarren Mill pvp culture on our server. Its so well coordinated, that there's conscious rotation of alliance players in and out of parties/raids to ensure the world pvp is balanced. And its entirely voluntary. Its understood that if the horde are curbstomped continually, they won't play pvp ... so making fights fair for the 1 month of world pvp is more than adequate.

    In about 10 days time, we'll have battlegrounds whcih will be all the pvp i want.

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    Nope. A stress free leveling experience and still getting to wPvP at max lvl when I choose is awesome.

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    Nope, it's what I wanted from the get go but I allowed my decision to be swayed by friends who insisted on PvP despite knowing it would turn into a giant shitshow. Turns out I was not wrong. Now I only raid log because it's nearly impossible to accomplish anything in the open world. Massive zergs of tryhards roaming every zone constantly and stealthers sitting at every flight point.

    I've been spending my time re-leveling on a PvE server but without a group of friends to play with I find Classic to be a pretty unenjoyable experience. Spamming chat for hours at a time to find a group is tiresome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgundy View Post
    Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on all the world PvP that occurs in PvP realms?

    PVP realms existed precisely to keep players like you isolated from the players the game was actually designed for. Hence the use of "Normal" instead of "PVE."

    But by all means, keep enjoying your self-imposed exile. Working as intended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmocfd1b0ab5a3 View Post
    I regret going to PvP realm. I rarely play classic anymore but when I do wpvp is 90% about being gangbanged by group of opposite faction and 10% 1v1.
    This is exactly why I rolled normal this time around. I did that crap in Classic, wasn't going to do it a second time when you know it's never going to be an even match.

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    I'll never regret rolling on a normal server. Like most, I rolled on a pvp server when vanilla released back in the day and leveling by far was the worst experience ever. Even at 60 trying to get through pvp groups to do raids was such a waste of time. Happy that people can pvp but it isn't for me.

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