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    Im sure i was in range sometimes when they cast buff on yourself. But dont showing. I never saw any buff on enemy so its 100% dont work for me, but why ?
    I'm not sure. I'd reccomend going somewhere and killing a caster. Then wait near their body hidden, let them rez, and visually check that they buff themselves.

    Tbh, it dsnt really affect my game play at all. Knowing abt a few buffs that I cant dispell anyway doesnt change how I fight them at all.

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    pretty sure elv ui does the same thing imgur com/a/TM5604q (not allowed to post links etc)

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    I'm using both OmnicCC and ClassicAuraDurations. I don't know what settings are doing it, but either one of these addons is doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daish View Post
    so you haven't tested it for yourself??/

    please try to avoid wasting peoples time

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    been looking for over a week now asked so many players on my server no luck at all
    You really are doing something wrong. Have you tried reseting to defaults?

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