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    Nightborne skin for Whitemane. It got me hooked when I saw this fanmade model:

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    Odynn Imperius
    Galakrond Deathwing
    Viper Raynor

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    I'm still a bit bitter the Halloween Brightwing skins is not a bat

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    Someone on reddit made an amazing summer Jaina skin this week:

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    Santa Rexxar with Reindeer Misha seems like a missed opportunity.

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    Need more lili & awesome gul'dan skins

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    Clifford the Big Red Dog skin for Deathwing
    Elemental Lord skins for Ragnaros (Maybe even throw Murmur in as well)
    Skeletor skin for Xul
    He-Man skin for Varian

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilithvia View Post
    (inb4 people say none because dead game)

    I've been going through some portraits Heroes, WC3R and Starcraft II offer, and I got to thinking some of these would be AMAZING skins.
    Like Actual Ghost Nova, Corrupted Cenarius (obviously would be converted to Corrupted Lunara, as we have corrupted Malf already), and Protoss Illidan/Zerg Gul'dan.

    If you could have your pick of what skins next entered the Nexus, what would you choose?
    Ragnaros needs more skins, he has only 1 real skin and that is his baby one, which is just him but smaller.
    1. elemental lords, make him water based, make him earth based, make him air based, change the abilities visuals aswell.
    2. chaos lord, like the guldan and alarak skin, where they are made of rock and energy in weird shapes, that but for ragnaros.
    3. This one is HEAVILY out of date, but back when we were getting master skins, abathurs changed his model... but hes abathur... you dont see him, you see his abilities...
    so they should have made his master skin change all his abilities appearl, as it made the masterr skin super lame, as no one would ever see it.
    4.Immortal skin for fenix

    5. zerg/protoss/terran skins for literally all the starcraft charecters. Probius needs a zerg skin, dehakka needs a protoss one, tychus needs a protoss one, etc etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eleccybubb View Post
    Azerite is absolutely RNG you are right. You have no idea what traits will be on that piece you got from a random source until you roll it. I've literally had a Warfront piece that had the "opposite faction" passive and no passive/proc for my spec but it did for the other 2.

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    i wouldn't mind seeing more cross-IP skins. like warcraft heroes with starcraft/diablo/overwatch themed skins, and any other combination like that.

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    flying the exodar...into the sun.
    whitemane summer skin
    r.i.p. alleria. 1997-2017. blizzard ruined alleria forever. blizz assassinated alleria's character and appearance.
    i will never forgive you for this blizzard.

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    Varian or some type of WoW male character wearing a nurse costume.
    The hunter hoe with the least beloe.

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