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    Multi-Spec Shaman?

    So I'm looking at getting back into WoW and trying out a range dps class...Elemental Shaman seems pretty cool. My question is, if rolling Elemental Shaman..do raiding guilds expect shaman's to be able to play all 3 specs or will I be fine rolling strictly elemental? I'm really wanting to stay away from melee just to try something else, and I have no interest in healing at all.
    If that's the case, I'll just go with another class I'm wanting to check out. I know with my rogue, it was good to be versatile in all 3 specs..but giving shaman's 3 specs are all 3 different job types, I wouldn't think it was expected. I don't think any of my other guilds required this except maybe to off heal on the rare occasion?

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    The answer to your question is .... i dunno, maybe? Depends on the guild.

    I heal and DPS (As Ele) on my Shaman about as much as each other. Mainly heal in raids, mainly DPS in M+ but do either depending.

    I prefer this though cause i get to keep sharp on both specs and see each encounter from other perspectives.

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    Really depends on the guild, most high-end raiding guilds require people to have multiple char instead of multiple speccs.

    Normally you shine at one or the other, so they dont force people to play healer, if they shine at ranged.
    But they do require to have geared alts, if a new ranged suddenly shines above everything else and they need to stack.

    If you go for HC raiding, none of the requriements should apply - and you can play what you want.
    My friend have played Shaman since Cata, and never healed a single dungeon. (We just clear HC)

    Other people, like myself, like changing roles and would happily do it, if needed.

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    No guild will expect (or want) you to play Enhance for raiding. As an Ele, I'll occasionally be asked to play "Battle Shaman" (a resto shaman who focuses on damage and using healing cooldowns), but this isn't a requirement. It's cause I enjoy the change of pace and it allows us to replace a healer when one can't make it to raid.

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