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    8.3 Disc Nerfs or Buffs?

    So I was wondering what we can expect to see with these new Disc priest changes, is it a nerf or is it a weird buff? I am honestly confused with the wording of the PTR notes and wonder if anyone could give me some clarification.

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    Three nerfs (Atonement transfer, Solace/SWP/PTW 10% damage nerf, Schism interraction with trinkets/essences) and one buff (grace)
    Overall a rather big nerf but disc priest is still meta in mythic raid

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    Ahh Ok. Thank you for clearing that up a bit, I am hoping it doesn't alter the play too much, I've been enjoying the challenge of learning to play this spec well. Hopefully this increase to mastery compensates for the healing side of things.

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    Big nerfs. It probably won't stop disc from being meta in mythic raids, but it will gut them everywhere else. A measly mastery buff isn't gonna cut it.
    change can't wait.

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    The Solace change in particular could be big - it may impact which talents are best to use for different content in that talent tier.

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