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    Quote Originally Posted by Kralljin View Post
    No, they shouldn't.

    Good systems should be kept, but not everything needs to be "relevant" solely by Blizzard putting rewards behind it.

    WoW has in my opinion a system bloat issue, where everything then needs to be somehow attractive for the average player by putting power relevant rewards behind it (Gear / AP).
    Which in turn makes everything relevant, causing the effect where everything feels like a chore because it's somehow an upgrade to you, despite the fact that you would never engage in that type of content without the reward behind it.

    Quality > Quantity.
    How does WoW have system bloat? They abandon 90% of their systems every expac.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toffmcsoft View Post
    The problem is Warfronts are way too easy.
    Warfronts should have been intense pvp battles w/ pve interactions.
    No, The main draw of Warfronts is not having to deal with PvP. Go play AV or IOC if you want PvP with PvE interactions

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    Did I miss the point where you explained WHY we should want to ever play warfronts again?
    Adding loot to something to make it fun is not the same as making something that is actually fun to play.

    Warfronts should stay in BFA, just like all the other failed systems in the past stayed in their respective expansions. They are hard to make and to balance and have very little replay value.
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    I wish they added more Warfronts to old zones. Not only the new look will revive the old zones, but u also got something to do in them again. I love the old world of Azeroth. I dont need new lands or zones or xpansions, i need reasons to go back to redridge mountains or westfall. The whole low lvl zone thing is kind of meh for an open world game. Every zone should matter, not just to lvl up and bye forever lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greyvax View Post
    It absolutely does. No one would run content that did not provide some kind of reward or benefit to their character.
    But i also wouldn't put Warfronts or Island expedition on the same level as your regular 5man dungeons just because all three of them award some form of power progression.

    The quality of the content itself plays a role, simply because people engage in it because of the rewards, doesn't mean they enjoyed it one bit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Varitok View Post
    How does WoW have system bloat? They abandon 90% of their systems every expac.
    And replace them with new ones, so that stays about the same.
    Imagine if they kept all of it.

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    They should expand time walking to include every xpac and put it on a weekly schedule. This is a few 5 man's and 1 raid. They should also have a PvP version that is on a seperate timer at the same time. BG, skirmish, wintergrasp and the like. The third stream would be for world events like invasions, WQ from all relevant expacs, pet battles, scenarios and warfronts.

    Depending on the stream you get rewards associated with the type. Raid rewards from dungeon\raid. PvP gear from PvP stream and gold\resources from world stream. You can do all or none or some.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nizah View Post
    why so mad bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    the amount of 445+ people who sign for my 430+ req WF groups prove that they are more then relevant -_-

    but sure lets bash it
    probably for ez AP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoide View Post
    Right, good systems should be kept. Most players hated garrisons, islands, and warfronts, so why keep them relevant? Replace them with new stuff.
    I'd genuinely like to know how you guys go from 'a couple hundred people bitching on the forums' to 'most players'.
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    Having bounced back and forth between WoW and FF14 over the last year I would 100% be down for Blizzard to start giving all of the games content a tail. It seems like such a waste to have all of this older content go to waste once you out level it.

    Timewalking is a good start but even that is limited for no reason other than to put some kind of artificial scarcity on it. I love how Square has the duty roulette set up where you can do any content you have unlocked as long as you are at least the level required for it. I'd love something like that in WoW. The only issue I can see with it though is what the rewards would be. Final Fantasy has what is essentially the old badge system for theirs but with Blizzard removing vendor gear that leaves a gaping hole.

    Maybe they will bring something similar back but I do wish they would add more things to the game that give people stuff to do.

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    I am still down for Warfronts to be repurposed to PvP maps down the line.

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    Let's not sit here and pretend that XIV is any better than WoW is in terms of content relevancy.

    Yes, you can continue to queue for Dungeons, and Story Mode Raids (both 8 and 24-man), but that's it. People don't really specifically queue for old 8 or 24-man content in XIV either, as the rewards are pointless, and the only reasons they're utilized are through the Roulettes for that sweet, sweet EXP bonus. Alternatively, systems like Savage Raids are outright forgotten and only done through Party Finder for Mount Farming through unsynched mode in later expansions, and we really need to bring up Diadem and Eureka, or the open world for that matter? How about Guildhests? Grand Companies? Battle Levequests? The list goes on.

    XIV is really no different in that regard to WoW - they both have their flavor of the month features for the current expansion, that are then dropped completely for the following expansion. Granted, XIV does do a better job in atleast allowing you to access that older content with other people, but it's really only useful in leveling a new job, since making a new character is a god damned feat in and of it's self in XIV, whereas with WoW, you really don't need access to literally every dungeon while you level ( though ironically you WILL have that access in Shadowlands with the Level Squish).

    Either way - the point is so longer as WoW maintains a linear progression model for gear, older content and expansion features will continue to become outdated and irrelevant, just as they are in XIV. ESO and GW2 manages to bypass this by having horizontal power creep, rather than vertical, keeping all content relevant for much longer periods of time, though even then that's fairly limited, as there's really no reason for you to go back to a Core region in GW2 anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puremallace View Post
    The failure of Warfronts was it was player vs AI and it had the potential to be Amazing. It should have been Player vs Player with 40 v 40 and maybe some NPC's thrown in there. It was such a failure of BFA.
    So you want a core feature to only be used by 1/3rd the population? It would have been an even bigger failure if they went your way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainV View Post
    Blizzard always make old content obsoleted, so you're forced to buy new one, otherwise many players would just play old good content instead of paying 60$ for new crap.

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