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    want to just point out that heavy ganking happens with warmode in retail too.

    just yesterday i was leveling 4 alts via legion invasions and there was a duo of 120 level warlock and mage flying around and ganking 100-110 toons all that time

    gankers are everywhere /shrug
    But you can disable warmode, that's the biggest difference.

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    I clearly stated that I enjoy wpvp. what's happening right now is not wpvp, it's a giagantic pile of shit wipefest.
    That is world pvp. It's unbalanced, one side starts to dominate and drives the other side totally off the server, then the server is 99% one faction. This was obviously how the pvp servers were going to go from the start.
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    It's not supposed to be fun, we are not in 2009. It's supposed to be frustrating and keep you hooked longer.

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    Do you imagine this isnt a problem at level 60? You are the reason that world pvp died on retail. PVE'ers rolling on a pvp server and then crying about it.
    Lol I love how you didn't even read the OP. Calm your big boy jets and go have a little read. It's ok to be wrong big boy.
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    I imagine a lot of girls could care less about the stuff men find engaging. He has to pay attention, because if he isn't, he's being rude. So he's not relaxing; he's tensing to ensure he pays attention because he's forcing it.
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    Yes, I think a company should be legally allowed to refuse to serve black people.

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