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    Can't join mercenary mode new DH

    i just made a new DH and was thinking of leveling it up through Korrak's revenge because it is such amazing exp! but im horde so i want to queue as alliance for instant queue but i can't on my DH, ive recently leveled a few alts this way and never encountered this problem before. whats wrong? my DH was created 3 days ago so shouldn't be blocked from doing anything anymore.

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    Mercenary mode is not active all the time, only when the system thinks it is neccessary (when not enough of one faction queues)

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    but when i log on to my 120 warrior it's active and i can queue in mercenary

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    There is a "protection period" placed on new Demon Hunters to prevent people from creating one, farm stuff, delete it and just create the next one. It would allow for "infinite" chances on raid mounts per week and such.

    I did a quick search but could not find if that period was 24 or 48 hours. It's probably one of either of those values and the same "protection period" keeps you from joining mercenary.

    Edit: My blind eyes just saw that you already took that into consideration in the OP. I logged in on my own Horde Warrior+DH on the same realm and both can use Mercenary and Q up for Korrak's with it. So maybe the period is just longer than 3 days. Maybe it just ends with the weekly reset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordoax View Post
    but when i log on to my 120 warrior it's active and i can queue in mercenary
    You just identified the issue.

    Its almost like there are different queues for 120s and non-120s.

    No Merc Mode for your DH at the moment.

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    Stupid question but I feel the need to ask just in case but... did you finish the DH leveling experience? Did you make it to Legion's Dalaran?

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    i just identifyed the problem, can't join legion dalaran mercenary queue untill you are 110

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