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    Whenever looking at any work of fiction, when you're unsure of a character's gender, a good rule of thumb is - is the character evil, weak, useless, stupid, etc? Then it's male. Is a character good, flawless, perfect, strong, incredible, amazing? Then it's female. Works 100% of the time in 2019.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Outofmana View Post
    Imagine thinking these Blizzard writers will ever make a strong Male character again
    Imagine being triggered because you think Blizzard is catering to SJW's, and you become what you hate.
    Never underestimate the unknown, or some shit. *shrugs i unno*

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    did you just assume azeroths gender?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soeroah View Post
    Magni keeps calling Azeroth a "she" and "her".

    I'm not sure Chronicle/the Titans ever specifically referred to Azeroth as a specific gender.
    In the same way a country, a city or a boat is called a "she". It's just a formula, it doesn't refer to an actual gender.

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    Play the game, buddy. It's mentioned everywhere.

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    Every reference i recall is as she. And Titans definitely seem to have genders (though i doubt they have sexes).

    I guess it is possible when Azeroth finally gets her Titan model it might be a surprise dude but in all probability i think we'll be seeing big ol Blizzard titties. I cant think of even a single instance where male or even neutral is so much as implied and female is constantly and consistantly implied
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    Azeroth is gender fluid (that explains azerite gushing everywhere), also sometimes she is gender solid (because crystals xD ).
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    He's a post-op shemale after Sargeras cut his zugzug in Silithus.

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    She is same gender as my girl Felix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivex View Post
    Magni calls the titan Her...she also gets hella angry whilst she bleeds and wont stop moaning about it...Nuff Said
    Some dwarves like rocks, nothing wrong with that. Always digging something.
    We must respect his feelings, every mineral deserves a pronoun.
    Size difference though. He's like a flea on a dog compared to her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outofmana View Post
    Imagine thinking these Blizzard writers will ever make a strong Male character again

    man up

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    I mean she has always been called She or her. So I think its obvious she is a female. And I remember there was a artist on deviant art who did some fan art of her. And its so pretty I wish it was her canonical look!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sygmar View Post
    In the same way a country, a city or a boat is called a "she". It's just a formula, it doesn't refer to an actual gender.
    I can believe that for Magni, but I feel like devs have spoken about Azeroth as a she, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterymask View Post
    question titan's actually have genders in the literal sense? We know they reproduce via other planets and none have stated to of been they are really only male or female based on our perspective of them, or when Amon-Thul and Eonar have a long lonley knight do they produce a planet?
    When a mommy titan and a daddy titan really love each other, the resulting aetheric juices coalesce into a titan world-soul and a planetary egg forms around it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Daevelian View Post
    So this is how far the Lore forum has fallen? Eesh.
    I take it back, BfA is not the lowest the games lore could have gone, this thread proves that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aucald View Post
    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sygmar View Post
    In the same way a country, a city or a boat is called a "she". It's just a formula, it doesn't refer to an actual gender.
    I think Magni calls him a "lass" at some point, though. But I think the intuition is similar to that of a "Mother Earth" designation in that nurturers of life are often thought to have feminine qualities in many mythologies.

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    Azeroth is female. Magni refers to it as 'she'. They might have done that because of the Mother Earth trope. Female Life/Earth Goddesses are a common thing in ancient cultures and have been around for thousands of years

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indres View Post
    What? I could have sworn to god that golganeth was their son but checking wow pedia it appears not, was it retconned?
    It was something the writers of the non-canon RPG came up with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneaksies View Post
    not a troll thread i swear

    is there any 1000000% confirmation in the game that says Azeroth is female? anywhere in chronicle? just curious
    Chronicle is no longer the solid reliable source of information you should turn to. Now that we know it was written from the point of view of the Titans, any information in there is subject to flaws, mistakes and overall ignorance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thesmall001 View Post
    Is this supposed to show something that proves the person you quoted wrong?

    Almost every single one of these "strong" male characters have been killed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zlygork View Post
    Besides Magni calling Azeroth a she, I am also assuming that she's the mother earth.
    Was gonna come here for something like this.

    Maybe he does indeed speak "universally" but in our world, different countries handle things differently. For example we might call the earth "she" and "mother", but in my language, at least one big river is called a "he" and "father" (the Rhine)

    Now....we call the sun a "she" and the moon a "he" but I believe in French it is the other way round. No idea about English people with "it" - well...I should know, having lived there for so long but maybe I was projecting how my own language handles it.

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