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    Arena's are fun, no reason to remove them. Everything should be "rated" imo and able to be solo-queued. 1v1 (maybe, only if dps restricted), 2v2, 3v3, 10v10. You queue up as a party or solo, get matched with similar party sizes and rating, and play the game. Get some rating if you win, lose some if you lose.

    Gear should be like WoD: pvp vendors, where decent PvE/good PvP gear can be farmed by anyone that participates in PvP, and the gear scales up in PvP to put players on closer footing while still allowing small power changes to reflect the difficulty of content the player has been doing. This gear allows people to be competitive in PvP fairly easily, and doesn't let them rush their PvE gear by doing repeatable PvP content. Higher rated PvP players should get gear that is closer to the PvE equivalents, and maybe a tiny bit stronger in PvP.

    Example: Farming PvP you can buy heroic dungeon level gear that scales to normal raid level gear in PvP. Higher rated players earn drops each week that scale based on their rating, earning heroic raid level gear at some break point that scales up to mythic raid level gear in PvP, and up to mythic raid (or very close to it) level gear at the highest ratings that perhaps slightly scales up in PvP. This allows players to obtain and compete in PvP with gear from farmable PvP, allows raiders to compete in PvP, but still offers a little power increase to those doing more difficult (heroic/mythic raids, and high rated pvp) content.

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    I don't think people are smart enough in 2019 to find PvP vendors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilfire View Post
    What they need to do is remove arena and move PvP progression to BGs. Unrated solo queue and rated solo queue. Arena is a dead game mode and PvP vendors won't fix it.
    Agree but only due to horrendous class design, arena is nothing like what it was - great fun in its day. Now its pure cancer. I don't want to practice my pve rotation in arena on unkillable healers/dps until well into dampening. It turned to shit ever since legions fucktard devs turned this game into D3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lathais View Post
    I think we may be waiting a long time for that to happen. Maybe even forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrannica View Post
    Yeah, TBC was the best in terms of PvP, but then again, i just started with wow in the middle of s2 and i happen to be a warlock, too.

    created later a rogue and mage and what can definatley be said, is, that TBC was the best pvp addon for pure DD classes, they did the most dmg and burst and the cc was more of a big deal, too.

    Could also say MoP and WoD were good PvP expansions, but in MoP, while a fresh class design that actually worked(unlike legion) people stopped to die, but then again i played a Hdruid which were ridiculous with symbosis, kinda adding another def cd like pala bubble or mage iceblock to my my own arsenal of immortality.

    And in WoD stuff died quickly again, but there was that nasty pruning.

    TBC got it right, arena felt fresh and new, too, no balance around healers or 3vs3. And most importantly random bgs did reward you with actually good gear for your effort and time and it lacked disgusting bg design, isles with machines and other distracting nonsense. ;>
    BC had the right amount of 'non balance' that it adds flavor if that makes sense at all. It still felt like an RPG. You had access to a fair amount of abilities. Stuff like mana drains being removed I feel was bad for the game. It was frustrating to play against, but it just felt like there was more to it?

    I actually really liked Cataclysm from a balance and class design perspective. RBGs were really cool too. But rating reqs on gear was still a negative in that expac.

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