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    You do know that company dont put alot of resource on low profit product right?

    Why put WOTLK amount of resource on BFA when it can be used to make another COD or OW2?

    Do you genuinely think WOW is even at the top 3 of Activision/King's game?
    Looking at the art alone in what we've seen in shadow lands it seems more money is being put into the game now than in wrath.

    Art assets/graphics are the most costly and time consuming part of the development cycle and one zone in shadowlands or hell any expansion post mop has more detailed art assets than the entirety of wrath, BC or vanilla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by styil View Post
    Do you believe that perhaps Blizzard is simply holding back on Shadowlands to reignite us for 10.0? As we know, Blizzard works two expansions ahead, so it wouldn't be a surprise if Blizzard has moved a greater than usual number of developers to 10.0 instead of Shadowlands.

    Shadowlands' content offering has been modest at best, and insulting at worst. It feels like a maintenance expansion going through the hoops with no real passion or enthusiasm. Do you think this is intentional to go all out for 10.0?
    based on what was shown at Blizzcon, no I completely disagree with you. the Covenant system looks cool, there are a solid number of dungeons at launch, we have the endless dungeon, a make your own legendary system and more that I have probably forgotten. as far as content goes, this is more than we had for BfA at launch and equal to what we had for Legion.

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