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    In 2005 when I was 8 years old, arrest me!

    I visited my aunt and uncle one summer and my uncle was playing an undead mage in Thousand Needles. He played both WoW and I remember him having Guild Wars 1 on his desktop too. I thought that was another subscription game though so I never tried it even though I thought it looked cool in images. At the time I played Xbox games and I was obsessed with the RPG Fable, so obviously I had to try WoW.

    I'm still playing at 22.

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    Should be no problem to get some screenshots from over 14 years ago? Haha.

    I’ve actually still have the hard disk from the second computer I played on (the upgrade after using my dads work laptop), but at the moment I don’t have any adaptors to interface between that old hard disk and my current motherboard.

    I have been meaning to get some of the old screenshots off that for years now but never got round to it. I’ll try get it done over the weekend, I’ll reply to you again if I do

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    Wrath of the Lich King, so I was like 21.

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    Wotlk back in 2009, i was 12 years old at the time

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    Classic Beta, 2004. I was 25 at the time.
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    Currently 30.
    Started at 15 or 16 sometime before Patch 1.5 that introduced BGs.
    I remember that specifically because WSG was on the PTR and that meant I could try a few max level classes.
    First and last time I played on the PTR too.

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