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    I demand platypus people as playable race.

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    those owls really seems more related to murlocs, infernals and voidwalkers in terms of playable character
    the wow devs still have somewhat realistic design perspectives hopefully

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandragon View Post
    The Nightborne looked great as NPCs as well. Didn't transition well into playable characters. Also, the problem I see with the Shadowlands races being playable...Aren't they basically spirits bound to the Shadowlands? How can they exist in the living world as we do?
    I mean, I totally get that argument, but... We as mortals weren't allowed into the Shadowlands due to being, you know, alive. With the barrier broken, unless Blizzard says they cannot (which they haven't yet) there isn't a reason they cannot leave to the mortal realms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warhoof6556 View Post
    But if Sylvanas has a deal with the Jailer to liberate everyone, or plan to usurp the Jailer's power outright, she may try to breach or shatter the veil between life and death. She already tried to do this by imprisoning the Val'Kyr in Stormheim in Legion. Sylvanas is uniquely qualified to be the one to remove the veil. In that case, even Shadowland races could be playable on Azeroth.
    I would be very concerned, and shocked, if the "Veil" isn't closed back up again lore-wise by the end of the expansion.
    Everyone and everything would essentially be immortal if they could merely walk from the Shadowlands back to Azeroth upon "death" whenever they wanted.

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    Only playable races missing in this game: Arakkoa, Ogres, Furbolgs, High elves (not really tho), Naga, Ethereal and Tuskarr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwerty123456 View Post
    Unless they do like the mechagnomes and make most of their armor hidden I don't see them ever being playable as their bodies don't seem to be designed for player armor.
    I see them being some kind of moonkin form skin

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryFromHR View Post
    I hope we get a steward allied race, or at least a steward boomkin form, they look incredibly fun.
    They sure are dude. I would be happy for Steward Boomkin Form if that's the case. XD
    Quote Originally Posted by Aeula View Post
    If High Elves are released it'd be incredibly disappointing and my faith in Blizzard would diminish to an all time low.
    If they added forest Trolls at the same time then they'd have butchered Blood Elf Lore beyond belief and any fucks I give about WoW lore would be gone.
    Anti HEers don't go after High Elves. They go after Warcraft 2 Races as a Whole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Runicknight View Post
    You know I may have been a hypocrite from the past about Fox People and Snake People but my hatred of Animal Races changed when I saw Owl People in the New Shadowlands Trailer. Owl People are named Stewards and they look freaking Awesome!!!

    I hope some day down the Line Owl People along with the Vampires, Necrolord Liches, and those Deer looking People get to be made playable down the line in the Expansion.
    Seeing how there is still MUCH of Azeroth that we haven't seen. Who's to say there is/isn't an owl looking race *druids already get owlbear..guess that's not enough for you?* somewhere in that undiscovered area that blizz might impliment as a playable race in the future.
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