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    Quote Originally Posted by kaminaris View Post
    nearly no one ever looted trash in raids.
    I know for a while it went to your mail. I would check trash for BoE's and if there was one there I'd leave it then get it from the mail when no one was on and sell it

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    Quote Originally Posted by psyquest View Post
    8/8M CE guild. 3 nights.

    Our rule is simple.

    Whatever drops in the raid, is for the raid group.
    1. You drop your item, need it to wear it, yours.
    2. The item is not a bis, you dont want to wear it: goes to guild. Officers either ask for people that need it to /roll or assign it to someone that needs it.
    If you give an item that is BOE > you get one back either if one BOE drops you need (you have priority) or if a loot drops form a boss that is not needed by a person and you want it.
    If you dont give the item, you get no dibs on any BOE from any guild run, you do not benefit from the free enchants the guild provide and you are definitely not considered a priority if an items is given by the loot council and not /rolled on.

    The player has a choice, sharing is always for the benefit of all.
    Those are very reasonable rules. Note the you're 8/8M. The OP's guild is 6/8H and doesn't even provide them repairs etc.

    Basically, if one expects the guild raid to fund repairs, provide enchants etc then yeah, the player has to chip in. But it sounds like the OP isn't getting any of those perks either because they're a trial or the raid has different ranks and they're low. People say "it's common for trials not to get gear!" but then why should that player contribute the gear they win, esp BoEs? Hell, the raid could take the BOE and kick the trial at the end of the night.

    This is really a 'scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" situation. Yes, if the raider gets benefits from the raid, including loot, they should contribute back to the raid (and the raid should have published rules like you do). But if the raid withholds benefits from a raider, they can't really expect the raider to chip in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MatthewOU2015 View Post
    How would you feel if the newbie you treated like trash didnt want to give the gloves to someone?
    This seems like something you discuss prior to joining a guild. If I was running a guild and BOE's were for the guild and someone refused to hand one over then they would be looking for another guild.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MatthewOU2015 View Post
    Last night a titanforged BoE dropped for a hunter. This hunter has always self-supplied his own flasks, pots, and food. I am not high enough rank so I supply my own repairs. I am 100% self-sufficient in guild runs. As stated earlier on my hunter a titanforged 445 glove dropped. I have 450 gloves so I could trade them. When my guild saw the text they flipped shit and wanted me to roll it to the guild. I am relatively new and they never give me loot. I won the crit bow off the first boss but I was a newbie and they gave it to someone else. I told them its mine and im selling it. Those gloves are worth 115k gold on my server. We are 6/8H and very casual. I don't take anything from the guild I supply everything myself. How would you feel if the newbie you treated like trash didnt want to give the gloves to someone?
    I'm in a casual 5/8M guild, during week 1 of Mythic our Shadow priest got 455 BoE cloth gloves. The GM encouraged him to either A) use them himself or B) sell them.
    He decided to sell them, got 3mil gold, none of us were salty and there was never even a hint of making him give them to a less lucky guildy or some other such nonsense.

    If you're in a guild that's below top world 150ish, I wouldn't personally tolerate bullying tactics over loot, especially since the Hunter in question (based on the post I can't tell if it was in fact you or another hunter?) should have had socketed Benthic gloves which were better anyway.

    TL: DR, Don't let casual guilds that can't kill bosses dictate your loot. Your body, your choice etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomzy View Post
    As if the horde faction imbalance could be worse now we have floofy foxes

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    My guilds always let members need roll need on BOE gear if was an upgrade. If no upgrade, guild master or officer AH’d it and money went to repairs.

    We never let anyone greed roll and keep it for sale. Anyone pugging didn’t get a shot at BOE upgrade or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoMana View Post
    By reading that line alone - I think you should probably find a new guild that fits you better?

    Find a guild who has taken the time to figure this stuff out and has clear set of rules regarding loot distribution. If the guild has a rule about BoE's and you agreed to it before you joined - then hand it over. If not - well, then its yours to do whatever the hell you want.

    Being a 6/8H BAD guild - at this point, lol - who the hell cares what you do with a shitty BoE.. just sounds like the guild leadership is trying to bully a new member into giving their stuff to "trusted friends". Sounds like a shitty guild.

    /gquit and find a better guild

    ...6/8H guild that has DPK/loot council?!? what the actual..?
    This echoed my thoughts. I'm friends with people in 8/8 H guilds that couldn't clear Azshara til last week, because their entire roster grey parses at over 440 ilvl.
    Not an effort to flame anyone, but if you can't clear the raid in Dec on H, are you even raiding?
    Quote Originally Posted by Boomzy View Post
    As if the horde faction imbalance could be worse now we have floofy foxes

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaminaris View Post
    Lemmie sell you a protip, never loot anything aside bosses in raid, you can even not loot bosses if you wish to.

    If something drops, it will come on your mail afterwards. Then if you get BoE, you send it to you unnamed alt, and sell from there.
    Nobody will ever know.
    Hey, this sounds fun. Thank you for the tip.

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