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    Horde Horde Khaz'goroth/Dath'Remar Guild <Rocksteady Adventure Co>, Recruiting!

    <Rocksteady Adventure Co> is recruiting! We run M+ multiple times per week and are looking to expand into a raid team. We offer repairs for all guild members of all levels and ask for nothing in return but participation. We have 7 bank tabs which we use to share mats, working on maxing out all professions.

    Mythic+ Schedule

    Key Pushing
    Mon/Thurs/Fri 7-10pm

    Alt/gear runs
    Sat-Sun 12-5pm

    All healing specs
    Blood DK
    DPS (preference for Hunters, Warlocks and Mages)

    Feel free to contact me in any of the following ways and i'll get back to you as soon as i can.
    Rocksteady Guild Master.

    Contact Details:
    In game: Onasou-Khaz'goroth or apply with guild finder
    Battle-tag: Onasou#1376
    Discord Username: earthcrawler#2962
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