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    Concerning that Onyxia and Ragnaros bugs are taking/took so long to fix

    It's concerning that both Onyxia and Ragnaros had/have bugs where people were targeted by their GUID (fireball/Wrath of Ragnaros) instead of how the encounter should have worked.

    Given the very simple nature of classic fights and how easily reproducible the Ragnaros error is I feel it should have been fixed by now. Rag has been around for all of September, October, November, and half of December and it's not working correctly yet...that's not up to Blizzard's normal standards IMO.

    Onyxia was working well enough to appear normal, but it's also curious that basic playtesting didn't catch the fact that Ragnaros wasn't knocking back players in range of his ability.

    Maybe arcane technical reasons make these issues difficult to fix, but even if so, later raids are certain to have similar issues so they should be dealt with now. And I'd rather wait a few months for a working BWL than an on-schedule broken one.

    (If you don't know about the Rag bug, here it is. Also, GUID is basically your player's Social Security Number)
    From a warrior classic discord FAQ channel:
    Wrath of Ragnaros (WoR) is confirmed by the excellent theorycrafters/testers over at fightclub to be a 100% global threat wipe every time it goes out regardless whether it's resisted or not.

    WoR will only ever hit 3 people and currently will always hit the same 3 people, those with the lowest GUIDs, so long as they are in range and not dead.

    /dump UnitGUID("player") will get your toon's GUID. Do not replace player with your name, just copy it as is.

    Edit: and apparently I'm 9 days too late https://www.reddit.com/r/classicwow/...tty_long_time/
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