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  • Sylvanas’ Story Arc: 4D Chess with a dash of Death

    15 7.28%
  • Varok Saurfang Story Arc: Honor, young heroes!

    23 11.17%
  • Jaina Proudmoore Story Arc: Daughter of the Sea

    91 44.17%
  • Anduin Wrynn Story Arc: The Little Lion

    1 0.49%
  • Talanji Story Arc: Times Must Change

    47 22.82%
  • N’Zoth Story Arc: Tentacles and Eyeballs

    19 9.22%
  • The Whisperwind-Stormrage’s Story Arc: Elune and the Dark Moon

    5 2.43%
  • baine

    5 2.43%
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    I love how at the bottom it's just...


    He wasn't bad at all, I think relative to his previous writing he did great this expansion, but he was definitely ultimately a B-plot to the Sadorc Saga, which got four flipping cinematics, each of which, independently, would've been the best cinematic ever produced by Blizzard, how could I not pick that?

    Jaina gets a solid 2nd place only because I think her story arc, which is one of the best of the game, requires taking into account everything all the way from WC3 to now.
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    So this is how far the Lore forum has fallen? Eesh.
    I take it back, BfA is not the lowest the games lore could have gone, this thread proves that.
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    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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    Jesus it would be better if we had a pool for the worse one, all of those are awful and terrible

    guess i vote for n'zoth because its the lest obnoxious imo

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    someone sounds angry
    And edgy and salty and pepperoni.
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    Best one was my lazy warlock made it to max level. Free boost but still what ever..

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    I genuinely enjoyed Saurfang story arc

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    Honestly haven't enjoyed the story of BFA. The things I wanted to explore, such as Azerite and wtf is going on with that, has largely been ignored. It was the entire starting point of this war, with everyone fighting to control it. From there, its just been a massive mess of wtf moments that make zero sense. The night elf dark warrior arc was especially bad. Tyranade turns her back on Elune and suddenly is the first Night Warrior in several thousand years, followed rapidly by several dozen others when this ritual was said to be harsh and difficult to accomplish.

    The only arc I somewhat enjoyed was the Vol'dun one. It felt completed and like a full story that actually did make sense. Everything else had plot holes abound and just felt incomplete and really left me like "is that it?".
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    Voting Sylvanas because it is written so randomly that you cannot know where this shit is going, and it can bring epic moments to high-res cinematics, as nothing makes sense anymore. Next thing you know is Sylvanas duelling Arthas with Saurfang's spirit spouting Honor from nowhere, that's the kind of shit we love

    I found Talanji to be quite boring and bland (on the same level as Baine is). Jaina was nice but nothing was outstanding about her arc. Is there any "plotline" ? Everything felt so disjointed throughout BfA...

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    *shrug* it's Jaina, simply put.

    She's had the most story beats, those hand drawn cinematics, and depth of character in cinematics, and is still going strong now.

    I'd say others like Talanji and Saurfang were okay but they needed more depth, like saurfang having a couple of in-game cinematics reflecting on his past, those he's lost, how the hordes changes over the years since he was one of the only survivors of both hordes, him reflecting on that more showing how things have changed but also stated the same would have tied things up all the better for him.

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    The best? Jesus, they’re all so terrible.

    The worst is Jaina’s arc for sure. The flip-flopping continues.

    But the best? Umm... Ji Firepaw? He became an ambassador and exclaimed a desire to punch dinosaurs. That’s good character development in Blizzard’s book.

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    How convenient you left out an option for Baine.

    Do you all forget his arc?

    Shame that you let the popular opinion of this forum -- that of utter hate towards the character -- making you willingly turn a blind eye to his character development and story arc.


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    Remembering these story lines is actually making me happier about BfA, thanks! I've been so frustrated/upset/bored with the main Sylvanas story line in BfA (and now Shadowlands) that I had almost forgotten how good the minor stories were in this expansion! My vote goes for Jaina but really, Talanji, Tyrande, all the individual zones (not you Nazjatar), and the minor characters in the War Campaign such as Lilian and Baine have been top tier as far as Warcraft storytelling is concerned.
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    They use Red Dragon Wings for their Windmill. So they aren't really redeemed.
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    In their defense... That windmill is pretty bitchin.

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    Baine got more votes than Anduin despite not even getting a capital letter in his name.

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    Jaina wins by miles. Starting from her Warbringer her story had everything. It felt like natural conclusion of her character arc that started out as early as WC3. She blamed herself for many of the bad things that happened, and thus was full of doubt of her ability to make good decisions. Despite all her magical power, Jaina always felt broken and BFA fixed that.

    She believed up till BFA that she might have stopped Arthas if only she had not left him in front of Stratholme, she blames herself for the entire Lich King storyline. That amount of guilt is an enormous weight to carry.
    She tried to make better decisions by standing for peace with the Horde only to be disappointed by their inability to actually keep the peace and paying for that mistake dearly by loosing some of her closest friends in Theramore.
    In response she became a true hardass and even after not destroying Orgrimmar herself she was absolutely anti-Horde, even asking Varian to destroy them, only to be disappointed by her own side suddenly not going for the hardline anymore (both in the Alliance as well as the Kirin Tor in Legion).

    No matter what choices she made, she seemed to be ending up on the wrong side, thus her doubts increased even more, she did not know where to turn or what stance to take. Thus she did what many people do when they feel lost, she returned home, hoping that her mother would forgive her and help her.
    And after some penance that Jaina very much felt she deserved, her mother actually hugged her and told her what to do. She had to let go of the guilt she had been shouldering and she had to begin to trust her own decisions.

    The result is the Jaina we have now. A true Archmage that no longer wavers between her decisions. She still fights for peace with the Horde, but she will destroy anyone that stands in the way of it.

    There are few moments as emotional in the game as the one where Kathrine and Jaina hug for the first time after so many years. The Proudmoore familiy reunion (with Tandred and more or less Derek) is a great storyline that transforms Jaina from a naive apprentice into a true adult.

    Mary Sue Windrunner being Bond-Villain-levels of evil has nothing on that story (if she had actually shown any character growth or change she might have been interesting, but she is just the same as before only more openly evil)

    Talanji is actually interesting, but needs a lot more time to grow into something, Rastakhan took too much of her spotlight.
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    Baine got more votes than Anduin despite not even getting a capital letter in his name.
    Because Anduin didn't even have a character arc in BfA. He appeared only sporadically to do rather irrelevant things like interacting with Talia or gloating about the victory at Dazar'alor. I suppose that he displayed some wisdom when he freed Saurfang and indirectly used him as a way to avoid a bloodshed at Orgrimmar, but that's not really character development. He's a pretty static character right now.

    Legion Anduin had a lot of character development in 7.2 with the Varian memento questline, but BfA Anduin? Not really.
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    The only one that is actually complete is Jaina's so I guess hers wins by default. Although even that seems to have come to nothing as she is already back to the insufferable nature that led her to this path in the first place. BfA storywise was more atrocious than WoD, because at least there we could push it into the parallel universe and forget about it.

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    Haven't cared for the on-going story arcs so much as the leveling story/stories of Kul Tiras and Zandalar. Getting to know the land and its people.
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    Out of all the storylines up to vote for I found Talanji's was the least grating, which is really saying something.

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    The last one because it is the end

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    Daughter of the Sea sea shanty,
    Best hands down - suddenly I cared for Jaina's story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slime View Post
    Daughter of the Sea sea shanty,
    Best hands down - suddenly I cared for Jaina's story.
    And then you were dissapointed.

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