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    Horde <Drive> | Herod-PvP Horde | Semi-Hardcore Raiding

    <Drive> | Herod-PvP Horde | Semi-Hardcore Raiding

    What is <Drive>?
    <Drive> is a North American raiding guild focused on progressing through end-game PvE content at a reasonably quick pace. Our primary focus will be on PvE and, as a semi-hardcore guild, we expect our members to have a healthy thirst for progression.

    Faction: Horde
    Raid Times: Tu/We/Th 8:30 PM – 12:00 AM EST (we clear MC/Ony by 11PM Tuesday)
    Type of guild: Semi-hardcore Raiding guild
    Loot Distribution: Mainly DKP, with loot council for a few items and legendary weapons.

    Why join us?
    * We have stellar communication during raids and have well-defined goals that we lay out before each raid.
    * We are very accountable towards our members. We hold everyone to the same standard.
    * We are organized with our progression; we have a system for carrying out encounters.

    Why should we pick you? Additionally, our expectations of our raiding core:

    * You want to progress through raids at a reasonable pace with guys that love to banter.
    * You are prompt, organized, and provide constructive criticism.
    * You actively contribute to the welfare of the guild. This could be done through helping to gear alts, farm mats for the guild bank, research boss fights, etc.
    * You read and learn every boss fight before any attempt is made.
    * You can communicate clearly in discord.

    Interested? Check out our discord link:
    Discord: https://discord.gg/RSkNPny
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    Super fun atmosphere

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