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    The whole point behind the compromise is exactly what you said in the OP - everyone gets a little annoyed.

    Some of us dislike flying and wouldn't mind seeing it removed entirely. The current system let's both sides of the coin experience the game their preferred away across the life of an expansion.
    Correction: It lets ground-favoring people experience the game their preferred way across the life of an expansion. People who enjoy flight have to wait a year in.

    How are people still not understanding this?

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    Or... you could just not buy the expansion until flying is released

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    Or you know, play the game like the average person and get your flying. I like having flying later - early on, you cant freely access everything, there are many places which you can look at but cant visit. Once you get flying, its like exploring entirely new zones, and thats a great feeling to have again a year into an expansion.

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    Good luck.
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    Petition-type threads aren't really permitted here, better to work through more official channels. Closing this.
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