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    how much caffeine do you drink per day

    how much caffeine do you drink per day?

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    Nowadays probably 50mg in tea. Used to be about 600mg in espresso

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    Slim to none, I drink Pepsi Max Cherry once or twice per 3 days, Peach Ice Tea maybe 1 glass every 2 days, and the rest of the time just plain water with ice cubes.

    I loooooove coffee, but I can't drink it. It makes my system go bonkers and the "buzz" I get in the frontal lobe is all but pleasant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by the game View Post
    how much caffeine do you drink per day?
    2-4 cups of coffee. I found if I use one of those tumblers I drink less coffee when it stays hot all day. I tend more to sip than gulp my coffee
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    Quite a lot, but during the weekends I'll only have some if I'm out during the day, which is not that often.

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    Two 16oz cups.
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    6 cups of coffee regular coffee. Which I think is 24 ounces. Which I think is about 600mg.

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    3 cups of green tea everyday.
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    One coffee in the morning and probably one and maybe a rare second soda in a day. Whatever that is.

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    I've stopped drinking coffee all together. Now I just take a 200mg caffeine pill in the morning.
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    I don't, the only drink I have is water.
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    One mug of coffee in the morning after I get up. And none rest of the day.
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    2 to 4 cups of black coffee in the morning

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    None and I'm still awake 20 hours at a time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Break The Ice
    Now I just take a 200mg caffeine pill in the morning.
    That is what I'd prefer to do, but the darned things aren't common here and they're even hard to order.

    I've got a sleep disorder at more than three times the severe rate and chronic hypersomnia. I'll drink decent coffee or good tea as a treat to be enjoyed, but for just clawing my way through a day I've settled on Nescafe instant. Since I can't get caffeine tablets, the instant lets me control my intake a bit better. On a good day I'll start with four scoops and that will get me through to the afternoon and another four scoops. A bad day will start with six, with 4-6 more to get me out the door and 4-6 in the afternoon. On days that my schedule will allow it, I go lighter on the instant and indulge myself with a nap and perhaps a nice cup of tea that I can enjoy for several steepings.
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    Barely any caffeine consumption over here.

    Just one cup of tea when I get home from work, that's it.

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    2-3 coffee drinks almost every day and an energy drink can or two while at work. Sometimes I'll drink coffee later in the evening when binge gaming (like tommorow on new PoE update).
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    24 oz of coffee a day. I think that translates to about 300mgs of caffeine each day.
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    Generally I just drink one cup of coffee, I have no idea how to measure the caffeine in it.
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    Nothing crazy. At least a cup of coffee every morning though. I almost never skip that. Straight/black, no cream or sugar.

    The rest throughout the day is from soft drinks, but I don't drink those as much as I used to. I might have a can of Dr. Pepper or something with lunch. Maybe one more if I'm dealing with a more stressful day at work than usual.

    If I have to work an unusually long shift at work or something, I might have another cup of coffee later evening. But usually, the one cup of coffee in the morning and one can of some Coke/Pepsi product with lunch is usually about the extent of it.

    I used to drink Red Bull/Monster type drinks in my teenage days, but I can't handle them anymore. I don't know what it is about them, but I just feel...bad for a while (it's honestly kind of hard to describe) after drinking one. Like shaky, paranoid, just overall bad. I stopped energy drinks in my early 20's and haven't touched one since (I'm 34 now) because of how they started making me feel. I know it's not the caffeine, because I have no problems with coffee or other caffeinated beverages.
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