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    What do you play?

    List the last decks you played or currently are playing with.

    What decks did you like the least/most and what decks had the best/worst winrate.

    Last Decks I've played:
    • Pirate Warrior (current)
    • Quest Druid (untapped potential)
    • Giant/Cyclone Mage (Pre Conjurer's Calling nerf)
    • Tempo/Pirate Rogue (Pre nerfs)
    • Mecathun Druid (Before Naturalize got Hall of Famed)
    • Shuderwok Shaman (OTK version pre Saronite Chain gang nerf)

    Favorite: Untapped Potential Druid
    Least Favorite: OTK Shuderwok

    Best Winrate: Pirate Warrior (current)
    Worst Winrate: OTK Shuderwok

    Bonus: Whizbang the Wonderful. Amazing concept, I hope they don't rotate him out of standard, but they probably will
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    I'm bad at this game, so I've been playing a pseudo control/bomb Warrior. It's not optimized but I enjoy it a lot.
    Managed to win on turn 5 against a murloc paladin. Had a Frothing Berserker on board, he drops 6 1/2 hp murlocs with reborn. 2 Warpaths later, 26 damage for lethal :3
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    This thread is a nice reminder that Blizzard can do something nice and still get absolutely shit on for it.

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    I'm currently using Galakrond Priest and it's amazingly fun. Constantly bringing back tough minions has made people just give up.
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    I don't play the game all that much but when i do i try and make murloc shaman work.

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    I mostly play wild but like to dabble into standard during a new expansion.

    Since Shaman is so oppressive atm, even seen this deck in wild, I am waiting for the nerfs before deciding the craft anything.
    Quest Pala, Quest Druid, Tempo rogue, mech hunter

    Basically using the auto complete feature for each class to get me a decent deck to complete quests with. Seen a nice Dragon lock deck but will see what is good in the next few weeks after meta settles.
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    Battlegrounds. I only play Battlegrounds. There I prefer to play demons.
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    Battlegrounds. It's occasionally fun, unlike regular Hearthstone.

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    Yup, Battlegrounds. I thought I was pretty good with my 4300 rating, but turns out people are at 11k+ But ah well, I'm still having fun. The only think I dislike is that you share the minion pool, so if someone else got a lucky draw and got some key minions, but you are trying the same clan and just need those key minions, you're screwed. Often too late to switch, because early and midgame will go fine, you're no match in endgame with buffed up key minions.
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    I netdeck everything I can afford so I can learn its weaknesses (and to keep the game feeling fresh).

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    Slowest control decks usually. I don't care if I sometimes lose to mid range decks as long as I mostly beat the aggro face mongos. It's just satisfying to watch them tire themselves out, trying to go face with everything while I keep healing and removing their stuff.

    Also when possible mill decks, Freeze + 1 shot mages, wall druid/priest. Last year I hit legend with wild wall/resurrect priest 6 months in a row. Basically just spammed low attack huge HP taunts and resurrected them. Then once some stuck on the board and couldnt be removed any more and I had the divine spirit combo, boom , dead.

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    it's too expensive for a lame 50/50 game
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    Always the best preferably control-oriented meta mage and druid decks available.

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    I hover around 5200 on battlegrounds. Hard to get to 6000!! I have loved the dragon update to it, and the modifications to the heroes recently.
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