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    Quote Originally Posted by boz0 View Post
    While some points have merit, this system would also make timing runs more valuable, and push more experienced players to avoid less experienced groups.
    I don't really agree.
    First, I'm not rewarding faster or slower clears. I'm merely rewarding beating the dungeon in time - doesn't matter if you got +1 or +2.
    Second, player behavior wouldn't really change much because most groups already impose much higher requirements than needed. If anything, this would make key boosting riskier.
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    That's why you should do this stuff with friends who are committed.

    If I go with some random pug and I see the run becoming an hour+ long nightmare, I too, would be inclined to bail and honestly it's fine. Games are meant to be a fun activity not some frustrating crap and I don't think it's fair to ask complete strangers to sacrifice an hour of their valuable leisure time for some trainwreck run nobody is really enjoying anyway.

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