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  • Warrior

    16 10.81%
  • Death Knight

    17 11.49%
  • Hunter

    30 20.27%
  • Shaman

    48 32.43%
  • Rogue

    44 29.73%
  • Monk

    16 10.81%
  • Mage

    20 13.51%
  • Warlock

    13 8.78%
  • Priest

    7 4.73%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    Mage - between being able to teleport to the city, then teleport back to where I was - what a dream come true

    - - - Updated - - -

    Not on a Vulpera you can't.
    No, I meant his current alts he doesn’t want to level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by terminaltrip421 View Post
    monk. I have a panda monk that's level 30 and I'm unhappy with the way their planned max-level set will look so will be going vulpera instead for that reason. already have an alliance panda monk anyway and getting them a set I'm happy with was a lot of work as I don't feel like there's a lot of flattering armor for them.
    This is the correct answer. I'll be making mine whatever class that I can put together the best transmog for.

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    Not really sure anymore. I thought I wanted to make a shaman but I have too many shamans right now. I might just either make a rogue or warrior. Will probably end up being a rogue. It fits the race the best.
    I'd buy that for a dollar.

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    I would be able to decide which class I would be playing on my Vulpera but unfortunately I can't. Did you know the average American citizen can't pay a surprise $500 bill? That's why I propose a Freedom Dividend of $1,000 a month to every American citizen - if we took a slice out of every Amazon sale, digital transaction and introduced a VAT ontop of actually taxing the trillion dollar businesses that currently pay 0$ in tax, and that might solve our issue. My wife is currently at home with my two sons, one of whom is autistic, and I want to see this country become better.

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    Not making one. I find the race to be meh.
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    Probably Shaman. Rogue does fit but undead is the cooler choice for that class.

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    Probably Hunter, camping in the wilderness (read: best farming spots, to fill the extra bag space with loot).

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    I'm extremely excited at the prospect of gathering some friends and endlessly ganking furries. For me it'll be the icing to top off a seriously underrated expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didly View Post
    I'm extremely excited at the prospect of gathering some friends and endlessly ganking furries. For me it'll be the icing to top off a seriously underrated expansion.
    You could already do that with Tauren (2 versions), Pandas and Worgen existing in this game...

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    initially I will probably make a DK, so I can level it faster to 110 to get the heritage armor (same for Mechagnome). also, this will enable me to see the new DK scenario which I am interested in

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    Skipping most of 8.3. So nothing right now. If shadowlands makes the classes fun again. I'll consider race changing my lock.

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    and from look of it not only i had that idea :0

    for me it just fits

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    Furry fury warriors!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nelle View Post
    Can't be anything else than a Fur(r)y Warrior
    rofl yes - this is the best, and levelling fur(r)y warrior in pvp is so fun if you havent i would recommend
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    Survival hunter.
    give up dat booty
    Quote Originally Posted by Pendra View Post
    For the matriarchy.

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    While I adore the totems, I'm probably gonna go with either rogue or my third high level hunter. Because...reasons.

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