Hello there!

I’m looking for an active social PvE orientated ahead of the curve - mythic raiding guild for 8.3 and beyond that has an active, friendly non drama atmosphere, that raids and does M+ together and hopefully isn’t super clique.

I’m 25 years old, have been playing and raiding since vanilla and have raided in every expansion so far in WoW, I have a lot of experience with each different role. I have been a officer, and class officer and bad raid leader during my 15 year WoW journey.

I have been tanking mostly since Legion because I really enjoy M+ Tanking.
I have absolutely no interest in being a back-up tank as I’d rather play a different class than DK as DPS.

I can supply Logs for my DK and my Rogue. Both are 3/8M exp.

If this sounds interesting, feel free to contact me at Acaryia#2134.