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    The only expansions I wasn't hyped about were MoP and WoD.

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    Not even a little bit. I'm ready for Warcraft 4 or just something new and different.

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    I don't think the facebook dopamine rush design is going anywhere so not very interested right now...

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    With no new races or classes, they have a lot to make up for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donatello Trumpi View Post
    - the mary sue deus ex machina cinematic
    Is this serious or a satire account?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolites View Post
    i got to ask
    other than DK, what amazing things they show in wotlk reveal? new items? new level cap? barber shop? and yet woltk was wows peak, and by some is still consider the best expansion to date...
    so no, its not "logic" it really is more of a clairvoyance...
    The cinematic alone was enough for many people. It is still the best in my opinion.

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    Not at all. It seems like WoD 2.0
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    Hard to say...we barely know anything about it. I feel like by now we've usually gotten a class preview or two.

    I know they're going for the expansion-specific skills so that they can stagger them over the course of the expansion...but they desperately need to add another talent row or SOMETHING for just about every class. The unpruning they've hinted at seems like nothing more than niche abilities that will make little to no impact on actual rotations or gameplay, be it PvE or PvP.
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    Not very. But I'm going to give it a shot, which is considerably better than my current "not playing and haven't played BFA for months."

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    For the first time I am not hyped, I do not like the idea at all.

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    I feel thematically disconnected from the whole theme but I'm getting burned out on leveling the N's elf (currently leveling nightborne) soooo I guess it's something?
    I think that tower and the maw zone can be much fun though, so let's see
    If the game is fine and the systems are good the (imo) mediocre, disconnected theme doesn't matter too much ...
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    I'll be honest. I wasn't really sure where they could go next but I figured it would be the emerald dream but this makes as much sense.

    I am definitely more hyped than BfA, though I did enjoy it despite the grind. But I am so tired of Horde vs Alliance. How there isn't more horde defection like the undead of tarren mill is beyond me.

    What I do like about Shadowlands is the focus is not the HvA conflict. I am sorry there are just too many greater threats that a permanent greater alliance hasn't formed. Because that's what happens when you have planetary threats.

    I look forward to seeing old friends. Learning more of the lore why spirits can just chill and hang out in Azeroth. I hope they explain what goes on with souls at places liek Draenor too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mashanerz View Post
    Is this serious or a satire account?
    look up the words if you don't know what they mean

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    I liked LEGION, like BfA, curious about the 8.3 content and shadowlands fits perfectly fine in this direction.

    No whining, no subcanceling, nothing changed the direction of the game even a bit. The activity numers rose in LEGION and again in BfA, I never seen so many players mid/end of content doing so many things.

    In the past I had to do my weekly raids on reset-day or the day after or it was over for the week. Now I can do my pvp cap, my m+ key or even a mythic-raid on the night before reset day without problems.

    Honestly the game never felt this active before and I saw all expansion and played them more than most of the posters here did.

    The forums were allways negative about the current/next content. Hype was allways given to some miniscule feature, lore or misunderstood content just like it happened to classic.

    I played allways on big servers, some people just mix symptoms of a dying low-pop server and assume its content related. Even Vanilla servers died, while the game population was growing exponentially and while it sucked for those low-pop servers, the game was not bad, the content was not bad it was just a dying server.
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    things ive seen in other expansions that i dont see here:

    new race
    new class
    new feature like garrisons, mythic plus, timewalking
    attempt to fix professions
    talent system revamp

    those are some for me to name without thinking about it too hard
    even BFAs cinematic was nice to watch. I know bolvar wasnt strong like LK... but can i at least enjoy a good fight at blizzcon before he loses?

    only reason i want to kill sylvannas now is so i can stop seeing her in my cinematics.

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    Ain't buying it. BFA really did show me that I am nowhere near being the target audience for modern WoW.
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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    The biggest challenge of WoW is designing for the many different audiences that play the game.
    Yeah, you're trying to satisfy players who doesn't even enjoy playing RPGs, and thus you're alienating those who do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casperite View Post
    I disliked MoP from start to finish, still think it was worst one to date.
    because of what?the theme and pandas?i get people not liking that,but the content was solid,how could you have prefered wod more?wile raiding in wod was good,everything else was lacking,you liked wrath more?with zero difficult content and nothing to do outside pvp and raiding?you liked bfa more?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sithalos View Post
    Well, it's not BfA, so it's hard not to be at least a little hyped from that fact alone.
    I mean, most people didn't hate BFA until after it released, same for Warlords. You can't really say "well it isn't BFA" until you see what kind of expansion they actually put out.
    Quote Originally Posted by scarecrowz View Post
    Trust me.

    Zyky is better than you.

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    BfA gave me Zandalar and playable Zandalari in its trailer

    No expansion will top that hype for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vampyrr View Post
    It is all subjective I still rate MoP as one of the worst expacs of all time Id put cata below it and WoD over it for raids
    yeah wod raids were great,but mop was on par,also mop had way more content overall with consistant patch cicles

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