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    Didn't like the Legion theme but enjoyed the gameplay and liked the BfA theme but not the gameplay.

    I'm hyped for everything different other that what WoW is now. I've never been a kind of "worst expansion ever" sayer as I always found at least some parts enjoyable, but BfA has been the expansion with the least time played so far.

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    A few things that made my willy hard and some things that put me off:

    - Some zones look quiet nice.
    - Class changes are always welcome, especially after the grugde of BfA. Although they need to come up with more to fix classes to a fun state in my opinion.
    - Geting to see familiar faces could lead to interesting moments.
    - A fresh lore concept we never really seen before.
    - Covenants etc if executed properly could be a wonderful thing.
    - New leveling system looks promising.

    - A dreadful start of the expansion with Sylvanas, although I do understand why Blizzard would not use another Lich King/
    - Besides of some zones looking good, they have a mixed Korean MMO vibe over them, which doesn't fit Warcraft AT ALL.
    - Less features showcased so far as ever before.
    - The zones look incredibly small. If they turn out to be as small as the video and the map show, it's going to be a rough ride.
    - So many missed opportunities. No new class, no new race, no new big selling features, it looks like they really missed the mark here. Hopefully they have things on the sideline which were not ready to be shown at Blizzcon, otherwise I fear this might turn out to be a very bitter pill to swallow for Warcraft and it's fans.

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    Can't be hyped about a thing if they announce barely anything. There are no major news in regards to class design and work on classes is extremely important. The only news we got is, that we will get some abilities back that we once had. That is nothing new or great.

    There aren't any new classes or races. We have four to five zones(if we count the Maw as its own zone) which is average and normal. The story is something completely new as there is not much info about the Shadowlands in the older lore. Looking at the incompetent hags that make up the story team of WoW i'm not excited at all. To the contrary.

    The only good thing this new expansions seems to bring with it are more and new customization option. But that alone isn't enough to make me want to play the game. So i will really closely look at the alpha/beta, how Blizzard reacts and works with feedback and if they change things properly after constructive feedback. If they don't react to good feedback and delete all the feedback from the forums again, than i have everything i need to know. I certainly won't play at the start of the expansion because the expansion starts of WoD, Legion and BfA were all hot garbage. I prefer to keep my money and time and not waste it on trash. And if customization will be the only good and lasting thing i can get out of Shadowlands, i will buy the game after the last major patch, play it in its best possibly state without time gating and the least amount of money i have to pay. Thats the proper reward for a gaming company that pumps out bad games.
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    they sell deathknight for allied races a a feature.

    also for pandaren as far as i can tell.

    they sell convinients as a feature, seems like reputation hub with polished models alá overwatch

    if i predict it right the continent will be even smaller than legion and bfa format

    there will be more zoning areas/quests/everything

    there are skills that require reputation grind? is that correct?
    oh before i forgot, they sell levelquish and "returning to classes" as a feature

    tldr: for me, the expansion was all about the presale for shadowlands, so whoever bought it, gj you just gave them money, so we can play another 3 f****** years of garbage content aká shitlands

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    I'm waiting until I can play or see the alpha/beta to make a decision about buying the expansion, but I'm pretty hyped about the setting and the fact that there is no AP system.

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    My hype wanes a bit each new expansion, as does my passion for the game. Not because I think it's getting worse, but just because I've been playing it for 15 years. That said, I'm very curious about visiting the Shadowlands, and where the story goes. So I'd say pretty moderate hype, more so than for BFA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyron View Post
    I'm waiting until I can play or see the alpha/beta to make a decision about buying the expansion, but I'm pretty hyped about the setting and the fact that there is no AP system.
    i'm catching a bit of it. mhm............... yeahh, feel the freedom =)

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    i plan to drop wow...i'm not even going to consider playing it at launch, best decision i ever did on legion was start right before TOS. i couldn't find a reliable guild that time but maybe this time with every CE on bfa i'll have more luck.
    i truly hate the azerite system because of it's randomness, it's shit and i hope they change this. imagine being at the end of a patch and not having bis azerites.
    it's one of the bigger reasons i stopped playing more and doing only weekly m+ and raid.

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    Not gonna lie, i actually forgot all about it, till i logged onto retail and it showed upgrade.
    When i clicked that my brain went.. oh yeah that's right there's an expac.
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    Cautiously optimistic... I really don't mind that there's no new class or other big hook, they're pointless usually anyways (farms, garrisons, order halls, scenarios, island expeditions...) The deciding factor is whether the classes become more fun to play again. It is very worrying however that they're not talking about revamping classes, just giving back thematic abilities. If we're talking current class design plus maybe 1 extra "rotation button" (like the Legion weapon abilities) and 2-4 thematic/utility abilities that you only use rarely, I'm probably going to have to pass because I don't enjoy any spec in BfA and only enjoyed a few in Legion... primarily because the rotations bored me to death.

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    I am hyped about bringing back some class flavor and turning the game into another direction again. (I hope that i will like the changes, can't tell yet but I'm optimistic)

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    Not that hype - but I traditionally pick the wrong expansions to hype (Cata, WoD, BfA) and then shit talk those that end up being solid (MoP, Legion).

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    No, I'm so sick and tired of Sylvanas as a character.

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    It seems like because Blizzard doesn't have the resources to do another Legion-sized xpac, they're trying to make Shadowlands a slow burn that will have lower initial sales but better player retention. That, or they just have no plan at all.

    The xpac would seem solid if there was a new class but without one there's just a giant gaping gap in the content promised.

    That plus the bad cinematic = no hype.
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    Very little. Just seems like more of same old shit with a new coat of paint. I'll be sticking with classic for this expansion.
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    Way more than BFA. I mean the cinematic was bad (IMO) but not worse than BFAs cringefest, and if we can really take a break from the RED v. BLUE HURR DURR for even a little while, then I'm all for it. The no new Class is a bummer for me, maybe the only one really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Break The Ice View Post
    Very little. Just seems like more of same old shit with a new coat of paint. I'll be sticking with classic for this expansion.
    Irony, defined.

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    Just let me raid without being chained to endless WQ / braindead content grind and it's gonna be better than the last 2 expacs for me.

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    I was honestly more excited for Battle for Azeroth pre-release than I am Shadowlands. I enjoyed the BFA trailer immensely and showed it to my friends/family who quit playing back around Cataclysm. It felt like it was absolutely bursting with faction pride on both sides, and made you really want to get behind Sylvanas & Anduin both.

    Now being a horde player who liked Sylvanas, I'm mostly just disappointed they went with ANOTHER villain turn for a popular NPC. I'm not gonna say the groundwork wasn't there for a villain turn (It obviously was... even before BFA, she was a gloomy cranky corpse with questionable morals and motives... evil was not a hard left turn for her), but there was also a glimmer there for a while that she could be working toward some sort of unseen positive goal/redemption. Being proud of her role as the Forsaken/Horde's leader and rising to it. And the BFA cinematic ABSOLUTELY played to that glimmer (Her "For the HORDE!" in that cinematic gave me goosebumps)... so yeah... I'm one of many who's annoyed they didn't go that route.

    Furthermore the feature I usually get the most hyped for in each new expansion is new races, and BFA's debut trailer offered 6 of them, which had me over the moon (with a promise of more coming post-release, and more have)

    No such enthusiasm w/ Shadowlands.

    Like many people who used to enjoy her character, my pride in Sylvanas is somewhere between greatly diminished and gone these days... and Shadowlands offers no new races whatsoever (unless they keep rolling out more Allied Races, which they might... but they've made no promises)

    Furthermore, the core feature of Shadowlands is taking something I hated from Legion & BFA and expanding upon it - That being player choice. I've had the same main for 15 years, since launch day. There's very little in this game I haven't done, seen, or collected on that main. I'm someone who likes to build up one character and really devour every bit of single player content this game offers... the idea of being limited to one covenant sounds terrible to me and I don't look forward to it.

    I avoided making a choice between Sylvanas & Saurfang in BFA for over a year because Blizzard planted the seed in my head that it would eventually matter. Turns out the only way it really mattered was, "Would you prefer a toy or a cutscene?" ... despite being a huge Sylvanas stan for like 14 years, I chose the toy, because it seemed the "good" choice to make, and because I have access to youtube.

    SO... If I was that indecisive over a single questline, I can only imagine how much choosing a covenant is going to stress me out. Aesthetically - I like the Kael one, no question, but as far as "morals" and "player fantasy" I like to think of myself as not being a jerk (hence my siding with Saurfang) - So that one is the least appealing as far as my character's "story" ... and I'd rather she sided with the Drakka one or the Uther one.

    So yeah... between turning my favorite character evil, no new races, and leaning harder into forced player choices/limiting our options... I'm kind of indifferent about Shadowlands.

    SUPER excited about the new racial customization though. That's thus far my favorite announcement. Which has nothing to do with the gameplay or story of the expansion specifically, funnily enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casperite View Post
    I disliked MoP from start to finish, still think it was worst one to date.
    I really like going MOP places and all but i never played. I think MOP hype never existed in me, as i stopped playing there. If i could go back i would still do the same because it took my joys as tree talents and all, and i didn't really much enjoy pandas, i loveeeee monks but not much fan of pandas. The zones were really nice, so far MOP had amazing content for what i saw now and that's ok, dailies seemed a little too much and one reputation seemed the worse thing ever: The tillers.

    I had to use some tw bagdes + doing a bit of some dailies on those farms to get the rep up.

    Other reps tho were so easy it blow my mind, like the ones you get token reps (insignias) by killing the warbringers and the other ones that i can«t remember the name.

    Although, i don't think i would like to play through it during that time still and i still prefer exploring the content out of the expansion. People say it was the best xpac, for me it wasn't super great. Legion and WOTLK remains my 2 long time favorite. And cata too, even tho it had many content i didn't like, i felt great playing that expansion.

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    This will probably be the first expansion i skip entirely and just watch the cinematic and story content on youtube. Ive played a total of maybe 1 week for the entirety of bfa and just feels completely dull, and i cant imagine shadowlands adding anything thats worth the purchase.

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