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    Salvage Crates in 2019

    Decided I wanted to actually try and make some gold for the longboi before it goes when shadowlands drops. Found that I had 10k of those crates from an old server I played on in WOD with 10 max level alts id never been bothered to open.

    I got a hide of lupos which apparently is unobtainable, but I’m wondering if there is anything I should be massively on the lookout for? Opened 800 crates and TSM has valued them (if they ever sell) at a combined value of 16 million.

    Has anyone had a similar experience with the crates? Can’t see anything on wowhead since one post last year.

    Many thanks in advance

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    Similar experience in what way? I never had that many crates to open.

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    Meaning if anyone hoarded them until like 2017/2018/2019 then opened them and got anything interesting at an inflated transmog price. I got some of the scarlet set also which looks like it sells for a fair bit

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    I'm not sure if they changed the droprate for any of those things, and whether you actually sell them for as much as some addon tells you remains to be seen. Need to put it up on the auction house, and be patient and wait and see.

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    I got a couple of weapons from them which according to the Undermine Journal are quite pricey, but never managed to sell them even at a fraction of the price with no competition. It's an incredibly slow market.
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    I have some unobtainable greens from a vanilla toon all priced around 200k each and been trying to sell for over a year.

    Stuff can be valuable but take absolutely forever to find a buyer.

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    I've been too lazy to open all of mine but it's probably no more than a thousand or so. catch 22, they take up lots of bag space but opening them will take up even more. and my main hoarder toon's dedicated guild bank, bank and bags are already entirely full of BOEs. I guess I should look into add-ons that list potential prices? there isn't an add-on that could scan all of your items and transcribe their names to text is there?

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