View Poll Results: Did You preferred Vulpera to Gilgoblins

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  • Yes - Vulpera was definitly better

    304 75.43%
  • No - Gilgoblins were more appropriate b/c of goblins

    35 8.68%
  • I wouldn't have liked if gilgoblins came instead

    48 11.91%
  • I would have been fine with either

    26 6.45%
  • I don't care about either - they dont make a difference

    54 13.40%
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    The best part about Vulpera:

    Phobic people: "REEEEEEEEEE!!! FURRIES!!!"

    Everyone else: "Uh, Tauren have existed since Vanilla, Worgen since cata, and Pandaren since Mists? What's your deal again?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daedius View Post
    Taurens exist too you know, don't leave them out from the ERP fandom!
    And Goldshire Inn tends to be chock full of Draenei and Night Elves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetstream View Post
    And Goldshire Inn tends to be chock full of Draenei and Night Elves.
    Draenei... their tails are just gross... reminds me of human tails, that are removed if present on a new born;

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    I wouldn't have been annoyed if we had gotten Gilgoblins instead of Vulpera, but I'm happy with the result as it is.

    What I like about the Vulpera is that they definitely use a lot of Goblin animations, but they don't look like Goblins - that's not to say I hate how Goblins look, because I love Goblins! But, it really sucked for quite a few of the Allied Races basically just being reskins with a few new hairstyles and other unique things (horns, beards, jewelry, etc).

    Gilgoblins would have followed that same trend, which would have felt like a slap in the face after seeing how unique the Kul Tirans and Zandalari are compared to their "main" race counterparts. Gilgoblins are basically blue Goblins with finned ears, hands, and feet. I feel like they could have done more to differentiate the Mechagnomes more from regular Gnomes as well (and done something different than the diaper they wear), which is why I like Vulpera better as well. The idea of "a slightly reskinned Allied Race" doesn't sit well with me after seeing some of the new customization options coming in Shadowlands, which are exactly that for the "main" races. It's entirely possible they'll add Gilgoblins as a customization option for Goblins in Shadowlands.

    The other problem is that the Gilgoblins don't have a newer model. Lots of people pointed to the addition of female Gilgoblins in Nazjatar, but they use the old Goblin rig, which doesn't match the quality of all the other races now. Hell, the regular Goblins were updated in 8.2 as well, showing just how outdated the older Goblin rig is on Gilgoblins. So they would have had to make new Gilgoblins using the updated Goblin models - they likely wouldn't have been done by 8.3 as well. Mechagnomes were already complete by the time 8.2 was out, and the playable Vulpera models were in the files since the launch of BfA, so they were ready to go.

    I can understand why people would have wanted Gilgoblins over Vulpera, though. The Vulpera are outliers among the Allied Races, being the only one that isn't directly related to another race. Gilgoblins would have fit that well, in that case, for sure. A Snapdragon would have worked just fine as their racial mount, and they certainly had a rep associated with them. So, yeah, I get it.

    There is one thing that kind of worked out with Vulpera and Mechagnomes being the Allied Races in 8.3 that wouldn't have worked if it had been Gilgoblins instead. Both races belong to an area of the islands in BfA that was previously not entirely allied with their respective factions until they became Allied Races:
    -Vol'dun was not part of the Zandalari Empire, since it was a place where criminals were exiled. The rest of Vol'dun was controlled by the Vulpera, Sethrak, and Tortollans. Now that the Vulpera are allied with the Horde, more of Zandalar is under the banner of the Horde.
    -Mechagon was a neutral island, but still part of Kul Tiras' island chain. With the Mechagnomes joining the Alliance, the entirety of Kul Tiras' zones is under the banner of the Alliance now.
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    My mains is Alliance ... but I do have a Horde Char as well ... and he's a Gobling.
    Geesh those kinky little fu**** are so much fun lol So yeah a Gobling with gills might have been fun but too close to the original ones. So Vulpera was the better choice

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