View Poll Results: Favorite Class Mount?

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  • Death Knight

    8 4.79%
  • Demon Hunter

    1 0.60%
  • Druid

    9 5.39%
  • Hunter

    13 7.78%
  • Mage

    12 7.19%
  • Monk

    23 13.77%
  • Paladin

    18 10.78%
  • Priest

    6 3.59%
  • Rogue

    12 7.19%
  • Shaman

    36 21.56%
  • Warlock

    24 14.37%
  • Warrior

    5 2.99%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    Druid because of functionality alone. It looks nice too.

    I like many of them though. A better question would be which don't I like, which would be warrior and DK because I can't even tell them apart from normal mounts.
    Agree about druid mount, surprised no one else listed it for functionality alone. Free instant cast passenger mount is nice to have.

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    Rogue is pretty nice. DK would be cool too if it didnt have the stupud coffin on its back
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casperite View Post
    Agree about druid mount, surprised no one else listed it for functionality alone.
    Because Druids already have that functionality to begin with. No need to an extra mount for that.
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    [QUOTE=FuxieDK;51991779]Plenty with Druid mount? I think (after the first 1-2 weeks) I have seen less than 5 of them.

    I see also druids with other flying forms, but the Legion mount is certainly not rare on my server.

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    Despite maining a Druid my vote went for Warlock.

    Death Knight - very good, especially Frost version. The whole story of finding, killing and raising a dragon as a mount fits perfectly DKs. Like it.
    Demon Hunter - the moment I saw this bat thing as a flight point I wanted one. Lucky me DH get it as a class mount. Like it, minus head blade.
    Druid - majestic owl that had close encounter with window. Like it because I can have some flight form customization.
    Hunter - it's a wolf. No, it's a hawk... Like it, minus retarded call sound my Hunter makes.
    Mage - dics... how unimaginative. Tho I must agree it fits the class. And fits my Goblin's Mage small frame. Indifferent.
    Monk - Wise legendary Tiger, perfect addition to wise legendary Panda. And it talks. Fits well tho I prefer my Cloud Seprent. Jade one.
    Paladin - finally a horse for my Draenei. Nuff said.
    Priest - at first I thought it would be for Druid. Same wall accident happened. But I like it.
    Rogue - bit surprised by it but after second thought, good pick. Like it.
    Shaman - an elemental to ride! And it shines! But on my Tauren it looks like riding an icecream cone :/ Second least liked.
    Warlock - fel horse, in fact 3 of them so you aren't limited to spec. Like it.
    Warrior - a dragon. But not one of those mighty storm drakes.. no, this one looks like it received one too many hits in the head. Not like.

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    Surprised by how many people voted for druid, considering how bad it's. Here's the inspiration for the druid flight form:

    Voted for shaman, easy pick. Warlock is also awesome.
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    Monk's Ban-Lu, nothing beats a flying talking tiger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashblond View Post
    Monk's Ban-Lu, nothing beats a flying talking tiger.
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    Gotta go with druid because it gives you a free two person mount.
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    Even though it is just another horse I really love the Paladin ones. I hadn't felt a class fantasy that strong since like wrath when druids got their new forms. That said they are all pretty good. As a druid main though they really dropped the ball I feel. Like I get having you shapeshift into you mount is cool fantasy but at least make the damn thing look good lol.

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    I think people are voting for lvl 60 class mounts instead of Legion ones. Paladin was ranked the worst Legion class mount and here it is (as time of writing) ranked at 3rd place.

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    I don't get all the priest owl mount hate complaining about squashed face. Have you guys neve seen a tyto owl before?

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