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    Why? It's where my Friends are, where all my characters are (I hate re-leveling classes I already have and I'm not paying to transfer them all) and I prefer the Alliance stories.

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    Biggest knock against the Alliance for me is the longer queue times and difficulty finding pugs for things. For pvp things can be a bit faster for them, but since you could mercenary that is a non issue. For pve there are far less groups for m + and lfg queue times are dreadful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phaelia View Post
    I don’t mean their skill at the game, I mean just their overall attitudes. Example, you.
    Only shitty attitude there is yours, by your standards it might be time for you to faction change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex86el View Post
    LOL wth did he say to offend you?
    He was actually polite and made conversation.

    And he is right. Both sides have nice people and arseholes.

    And i admit i thought of the same thing as you when i first started playing back in vanilla.
    I remember i made my first character a Horde. After a couple weeks i deleted it and made an alliance one on the same server.

    It just happened that on that particular server, at that era back then, the Horde were rude immature tryhards,
    Always arguing who was more pro or more noob, and talking about/to the Alliance as if they hated them irl.
    Only swearing in general chat and constantly yelling Forthehorde like a kindergarden.
    On the other hand, the alliance were a bunch of old noobs not caring about factions really, but at least they were nice.

    But i understood that this was just my case, that server, not the whole playerbase.
    She, but yeah. :P

    I was baffled by the defensive/triggered reply I got from that person as well, it isn't like I said 'ALLIANCE IS GREAT, HORDE SUCKS!' or something.

    But yes, I agree with you. I've seen douchebags en masse on both sides - probably more on alliance since I spend substantially more time playing that faction, but any time I break out my goblin or HM Tauren it isn't long before I encounter assholes over there too. Whenever you're pulling millions of people into the same space, you're going to get some bad apples and no amount of faction bias changes that.
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    I've switched back and forth a few times. Initially I was Alliance due to work friends I started the game with, then I moved Horde due to people I met and formed a guild with in-game. Was Horde from roughly Cata to the beginning of BfA. Now I have switched back to Alliance mainly cos it feels more chill to play as Alliance. Horde has a lot of "try hards" shall we say, and I'm too old for that kinda thing now.

    I'm not sure what I'll be in the future. My "main" (as in, longest played character) is a Horde paladin. My current main is an Alliance Paladin, so I can switch back and forth and still know what I'm doing

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    I think my post was taken wrong, and I don’t think there’s a way to change the flow of the replies but I’ll try. When I mean attitude, I don’t mean being rude or toxic. The alliance players I’ve met have been very opinionated on how they or others play the game or how you interact with others. Now I’m sure that’s not across the board, but that’s what I’ve ran into almost every time I play or interact with them. I’m sure now everyone thinks I’m some bitch, but that’s not the point I was trying to make.
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    If there is not some group of friends or guild drawing you to the alliance then go horde because it overall is just much more active and capable.

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    Alliance, because I admire the honor and justice it stands for and because it was formed in response to the onslaught of murderous savages.

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    When I started wow near the end of vanila I kinda felt a pull to the horde,liked the hellscream sacrifice stuff,honor and glory!but,I was like 15-16 back then,as a more mature person today,I am mostly indifferent to factions,I play what friends play or whatever feels good in terms of animations,racials,transmog etc,but if I had to decide,the way the horde is writen today in such poor ways,proly an aliance person myself at this point

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    Alliance. If I wanted to live in mudhuts I would move to Africa. LULW.

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    Alliance well I should specify Kalimdor alliance, The Ek Alliance is the same ol thing we have always seen and outside of dwarves being cool nothing there does it for me. Now Worgen, Draenei and more importantly Night Elves are just too much fun and all have that little twist that used to make Blizzard so much fun. The Horde is just blah, nothing there is exciting or even interesting to me. It's the same story retold every other expansion and I lost interest the first time around. Attitudes are another whole issue and one of the main reasons I don't stay Hordeside long.

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    I've been playing both sides since vanilla. The only difference is Barrens chat happens in Elwynn so you get a bad impression sooner on Alliance, I guess. I haven't seen that the players are more mature, friendlier, or any of the other stereotypes that have lingered around for years. Horde tend to do better in BGs though.

    Overall, I prefer Alliance. I've always hated the unorganized mess that is Orgrimmar and the orc aesthetic that dominates everything Horde.
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    Funny how allies always complain of being outnumbered, "dead faction qq" etc., yet they are clearly winning here. Unless you want to argue about how ally players are much more drawn to MMOC than hordies
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    Played Horde. Unsubscribed over BfA. Don't know if I will come back with Shadowlands, but if I do, it won't be as Horde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timewalker View Post
    Alliance. If I wanted to live in mudhuts I would move to Africa. LULW.
    Oh Lord, this racism is killing me inside!

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    Only very few people play Horde these days... most people play stinking elves.

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    My main character is Horde, but I play both factions. It's not a matter of which is best, however; I've just been playing Horde the longest.

    ("For the Horde" is a better battle cry, though - it just rolls off the tongue easier)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azerox View Post

    I was wondering.

    Do you guys currently play Horde or Alliance and why?

    I currently play Alliance because my friends do, but my heart is with the horde.

    I do play both factions but mainly Alliance (VE Mage).

    Been playing horde for ~8 years and now alliance for ~6 years.

    Why did you switch to a void elf mage?

    Was void elf the main reason for switching to alliance?

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    Alliance Mage since 2006!

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    I started Horde, always loved the more "savage/barbarian" style of it and wanted to play a Tauren (druid; the jack of no trade, and master of none, at that time).
    The server and the guild I was playing on was dying, most moved to Alliance and I followed. A lot of IRL friends were also Alliance, so... oh well. Lets jump. Everything felt weird at first, but Im glad ive been able to enjoy both sides, as it gives a bigger global experience of the game. Makes you see that not all is black and white on both factions and it deepens the experience.

    Then I moved from EU to US, as more and more people were quitting. Back to Horde and here to stay. In the end, I find Horde races more appealing to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    Funny how allies always complain of being outnumbered, "dead faction qq" etc., yet they are clearly winning here. Unless you want to argue about how ally players are much more drawn to MMOC than hordies
    Hmmm, why does the term "sample size" come to mind?
    Quote Originally Posted by Super Dickmann View Post
    I'll buy an Anduin shirt if Delaryn doesn't end up betraying Sylvanas by the end of the expansion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Alex86el View Post
    "Orc want, orc take." and "Orc dissagrees, orc kill you to win argument."
    Why no, people don't just like Sylvie for T&A:

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