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    Quote Originally Posted by Shakana View Post
    Ah, getcha! Thanks. Oh, yeah, totallyyyyyy, love those mechagnomes *to death* blink blink
    Mechagnomes will not die, they will reboot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyphael View Post
    Mechagnomes will not die, they will reboot!
    Hahaha you silly! But smart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sconners88 View Post
    Doesn't allude to or prove this statement in any way.

    Then goes on to say he's disappointed there's no dungeons. Lmfao.

    So you're okay with lazily re-using old zones from two different expansions and creating content that will only last you a few weeks of this patch that you'll never visit again? Essentially the same thing as adding a new zone.

    This patch was clearly supposed to be something more. A huge map was datamined and getting "Invasion WQs" for the third time running is SUPER EXCITING A+ CONTENT.

    Re-using the assets for Org/Stormwind was super amazing too. A+.
    I don't need to. There's plenty of content, go use a search function. It's been posted at length

    What's your point? I like dungeons, so the more the better. Not a big deal since I raid mainly and pvp as well so I've got enough to keep me occupied.

    Yes, I'm completely fine with reusing old zones and assets if and when it suits the game. Such as now. Don't know why you think the content will only last "a few weeks of this patch" considering you'll be going there weekly and daily for for coalescing visions and corrupted mementos if you want to stay up to date.

    Re-using assts for Org and SW is fine with me since if fits the theme and they're just more content I can do in between raiding, M+ and pvp.

    Sounds like it's not for you, champ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casperite View Post
    Patch is exactly when you already knew it was, which in itself shows exactly how much you care. Then the fact that you know what comes with the patch and are commenting in a thread about the patch. Sure, you really dont care at all.
    OP said it was today which is why i was confused. And I never said I didn't care at all, I said I didn't care that much, because i'm only interested in the allied races, so I do care to a certain extent just not much. Jeez reading comprehension man...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sconners88 View Post
    This is about what's is and isn't in 8.3. There's an extreme lack of content for a "major" content patch.

    Thanks for thinking of me though. I haven't played WoW in 5+ months. It's been greats. PoE1, PoE2, DMC5, Divinity 2 playthrough again. Heaps of Dota 2.
    So what's the problem? Just play these games and never go back to WoW, how is this hard to grasp? There's plenty of games you don't play because you don't like them. WoW is now one of them, no need to act like there's a NEED to make WoW suit your taste, it's just a video game like every other. Play it if you enjoy it, don't play it if you dislike it, and it stops there, no need to talk about it just play something else and never mention WoW again just like you don't mention other games you don't like. Zero difference.
    Cure cancer, delete factions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asil View Post
    Why do you people think mythic raiders raid 6 nights a week for 4-5 hours? Honestly, the amount of misinformation I see casuals throw out about raiding in this game is staggering. It's like they've just fabricated their own little reality and just repeat it everywhere.
    What are you even on about?

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