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    Quote Originally Posted by Beazy View Post
    Executioner for lethal injection. That would freakin blow.
    The last hang man in the UK has a book he did I think that goes indepth on how he dealt with it.

    He owned a pub near me after the death penelty was scraped

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elegiac View Post
    Pick-up artists and garbage men should switch titles, tbh.
    Garbage men are very well paid in the UK from What I here.

    My dad always used to tell me "if you don't do well in school, you will end up a bin man" my mum now jokes I'd probly have been alright doing that haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowferal View Post
    "Bin man?"
    oh trash collector...or "sanitation engineer."

    That job pays well in the US.
    In Sweden too. Specialists at my job (governmental) have the same pay (some even less) than trash folk around here, it's hilarious haha, but I guess it wouldn't be popular otherwise.

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    cop, soldier, bailiff stuff like that

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    Hedge fund manager is looked down upon. People don't understand how important money management skill is until your nation suffers a huge economic crash and then it needs to beg JP Morgan to unfreeze the economy by granting huge bailouts all over the place.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    I want the ruins of K'aresh for 9.0 as I envision it as Netherstorm on steroids. A broken, shattered world. Eco-domes are stuck on various chunks to protect flora & fauna. I imagine a K'aresh ocean & maybe some islands contained in an eco dome or a snow-capped peak with some jungle valleys in another. Flesh version of Ethereals that never got altered. Space platforms as in Starcraft. Just a totally fantastic tileset & theme that I'd be very keen to explore. They could do some wild things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strawberry View Post
    In Sweden too. Specialists at my job (governmental) have the same pay (some even less) than trash folk around here, it's hilarious haha, but I guess it wouldn't be popular otherwise.
    Seems this is everywhere the case. Garbage collectors in my country earn a lot, and its near impossible to get one of the jobs if you don't have the right connections.

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    Anything below my caste or unsuitable to it.
    "No one -- however smart, however well-educated, however experienced -- is the suppository of all wisdom"

    Sixty years. One sexagenary cycle complete, a new adventure awaits.
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    ambulance chasers

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    Quote Originally Posted by beanman12345 View Post
    ambulance chasers
    Reminds of lawyers training:

    Acquittal doesn't mean exoneration

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    Security guard in high school. That old guy acted like he was the caretaker in Harry Potter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elegiac View Post
    Again, how about we understand that professions exist because there is a social demand for them and don't embrace a pseudo-caste system because you think you are better than the people that empty your bins?

    Also, doesn't take a lot to be a sex worker? Being a sex worker is functionally the equivalent of any freelance or gig job in terms of self-employment. And being self-employed is by no means 'easy'. But hey, because it's primarily a female profession engaging in an activity you find distasteful it must mean it's objectively a 'lower ranked' profession, right?

    Y'all are talking a lot of shit about garbage collectors for people that like to call cities in developing countries 'dumps'.
    'Sex work' is a huge umbrella term from porn star to cam girl selling snapchat sessions.

    Adults need to let adults be adults. And Demonizing sex works opens the door for criminal elements to move in and exploit people.

    At the same time some people get weird about 'sex work accepatance'.

    Youre not a whore if you enjoy your work, and who cares if you are?

    Not every wants to be part of that world so let them be if they don't. Don't take it offensive if someone is modest in their ways.

    We live in a culture that wants to say it's not feel of prudes then mocks someone who pays an escort or the escort themselves. People who have way too much time to be worry about what other consenting adults do.

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    Anything involving criminal activity.

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    If it's honest pay for honest work it should never be uncool. If you're coming from a upper middle class WASPy type situation you may look down on the blue collar work and consider it beneath you but it should never be seen as uncool. Someone has to mow your lawns and dig your ditches in your perfectly manicured HOA managed white picket fenced gated neighborhoods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    i remember when i was in school , Bin Man was seen as a uncool job for people to have.
    Garbage men make good money as far as i know. Or at least they used to, i don't know about today's wages for them.
    The hunter hoe with the least beloe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    Security guard in high school. That old guy acted like he was the caretaker in Harry Potter.
    How do you know he wasn't

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