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    No, you should accept the fact that wPvP will not ever be good.


    because it isn't a controlled setting.

    its shit, it was always shit, and it will always be shit.
    I miss end of Legion world PvP. 1vmore was fine as scaling didn't affect world PvP yet so you could use more tactics than just stupid arena stuff. Like one time a group of 5+ some randoms were camping Stormheim hub, so I "hid" my warlock under the cliff there and killed them all with chaos bolts before they noticed me.

    It was pretty good and fun. Classic world PvP is good too if you avoid overpopulated zones or places where large groups of players usually move through, like near BRM.

    Again it seems you don't get it since you mentioned it not being a controlled setting like its a bad thing. World PvP opens up so many options that just aren't there otherwise like setting up ambushes, using the element of surprise, using the environment to your advantage(well other than just pillars). Taunting the opponent.. like say making them angry, chase you and lead them into elite mobs or guards and many other tactics.

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    The problem with War Mode is it's War Mode. PVP should have stayed the way it was with continued focus on zones like Wintergrasp and Tol Barad. Wintergrasp and Tol Barad were so fun, they turned casual PVE players into PVP players. Everyone wanted to participate. "15 minutes until WG, let's go get Vault of Archavon." If you weren't careful, you might accidentally flag yourself flying over WG. It made the continent perilous. And VoA was so easy, most pugs could down it. Simply stay out of fire mechanics and tank and spank. Plus, fishing for the turtle in WG was a nice incentive, little things like that. Now? 20% XP boost for being in War Mode. Great, except I have no interest in being stuck in world PVP in exchange for 20% XP boost. But a singular zone that encourages and awards PVP participation? That is a good concept.

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