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    Quote Originally Posted by Zentail View Post
    Oh. It’s impossible. I guess there’s thousands of players who mysteriously got their appearances without beating it then. Whoops. Better report them for hacking. Btw, it’s ironic you said Prot Paladin considering Prot Paladin did the most DPS out of all tanks. You then proceeded to say Guardian Druid COULD do it, the class everyone said was the hardest.

    I don’t know wtf game you guys were playing, but it obviously wasn’t the same game as the rest of us. All your arguments doesn’t magically make what I said not true. None of you have provided proof. One person provided the infographic proving themself wrong, but somehow said it proved me wrong (which me and a couple people thoroughly laughed about).

    I forgot why I don’t post on MMO-Champion. I now remember why. People who can’t clear Heroic difficulty of raids assume better than them doesn’t exist.
    once again you make yourself look like a complete idiot, you stated you cleared every single mage tower challenge within a 2 week period of them going live, i told you and anyone else that wants to read the post that you in fact didn't because the prot paladin challenge was impossible to clear in relevant gear at the time due to how the scaling was wrong and required a nerf TWICE before anyone outside the top 100 players in the world could clear it, same goes for guardian druids in the same way except if they had the 'right' legendary it made it a cake walk, i know because i also did all of these, however i only did non main/main alt ones months later when i out geared them, and i would say it's highly likely that you never set foot in the mage tower on nay of your alts until months later when it was easily out geared at that point also, so don't try with the 'woe is me' bullshit, it doesn't work come back when you have something to add to the conversation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaminaris View Post
    5 masks is harder now for half mythic character (~465) than clearing mage tower with a scrub character. By a lot.
    Yeah when you do it 12 months after Mage Tower was out it must have been much easier ye LMAO! I did it the first day it was out so I know how hard it actually were in the start. I also had done all 3 specs within the next month at 897, 904, 907, the last one with shitty leggos and not even full AP.

    Kinda hard to take you seriously when you did the Mage Tower a year after it went out and was current. You haven't done 5 masks yourself either so how can you then compare them?
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