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    8.3 reputation pet battles

    Has anybody done any PTR research on the best battle pets for those encounters? I've yet to get around to it and time seems to be running out. Would be nice to get those pets setup and in order ready for when 8.3 hits. Could also be some potential for gold making if they're different pets to the usual 'OP' strats like using Ikky for almost every fight in existence.

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    I love pet battles but I'm chill with it like everything else. I just wait til the patch hits, and go in blind an then just google guides if I run into something I can't beat.

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    Xu-Fu's site is the place to go for those. Or the usual WoWhead's comments section of course.

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    unless you are doing the new dungeon you can just keep using unborn valkyr, ikky, and whatever third pet you want.

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