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    N'zoth loot (both fights) do not currently have a caster weapon usable by Shaman

    So are we just screwed out of a weapon 10 ilvls higher because we're shaman? Druids and priests are in the same boat and I find it hard to believe this oversight is going live, but we're two days out and it looks like it is.

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    This affects many classes/specs. There is only 5 weapons between the last two bosses, and it feels like they didnt even think much about it since the choices are really bad at class-usability coverage. An Int sword, really? There is Int weapons far more classes can actually use.

    I have nothing against giving the last two bosses higher ilvl, but either the weapon coverage needs to be complete, or there should be no weapons on them. They did pay attention with Azerite gear and gave every armor type one per boss on different slots, but with weapons they majorly dropped the ball.

    When I commented on that earlier in the PTR cycle the usual crowd was all "its just development, they'll fix it", look where we are now.
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    Unless you are complaining because certain classes can get 485 weapons from Carapace and N'zoth from Mythic, then I agree. Otherwise you can get 475 weapons from M+15 weekly cache, they are guaranteed corruption, sure it might be a PoS corruption but it could also be better than the corruptions that the weapons from Carapace and N'zoth give every time for the other classes. I know I am wanting to get lucky some lucky RNG and get the 475 Gilded Serpent's Tooth with a rank3 Void Ritual or even rank3 Strikethrough (4% crit damage bonus), socket or not is fine because I will be able to add one eventually anyway via mementos. My guild doesn't bother with mythic which is fine by me because that would be a long grind to get to the last 2 bosses at this point on mythic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkShawoman View Post
    you can get 475 weapons from M+15 weekly cache.
    Having to rely on the weekly chest just sucks in general. I keep my expectations low every week, because otherwise you can only be disappointed.

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